Saturday, November 3, 2007

Living My Dream

So it's been another good few weeks. With the birth of Danin, we had the fortune of having lots of company--my mom, Brian's mom, and Brian's sister Stacy and her family. (And Brian's mom is coming again this weekend for Danin's blessing.) It's been really fun. I love having company. Among other things, company means cleaning my house a little better than usual and more people to cook for and eat with--all of which I love.
How's having three kids? Well, it's fabulous, actually. I really love it. I had forgotten how fun it is to have a newborn, and Jane and Camp are really good with her and have seemed to grow up and team up considerably since her birth. The only problem I've had so far is that Danin is not as content as both Camp and Jane were to sit in her car seat in front of the EFX machine at the gym, so I may have to work out a new gym schedule. That will be hard for me because I've developed an odd sort of bond with the old folk with whom I exercise. Oh well. Life is all about sacrifice.
Halloween was a blast. I remember so clearly being a kid and not being able to imagine how holidays could possibly be fun as a parent. Now I'm finding out. We took the kids trick-0r-treating down on Bay Street and I could not stop laughing because I was so delighted to watch my kids having so much fun. Camp had insisted on being a ghost, so Brian had rigamajigged a costumed using a fruit-of-the-loom waist band to hold up the part that went over his head. Jane was a turtle and Brian had painted her face green to match. Both kids were stoked at being able to get candy so easily. Brian asked me what I was supposed to be for Halloween. This Halloween, I lived my life long dream for a few sweet hours. I was a girl with long eyelashes. It was awesome.
Here are some pictures of the last few weeks.