Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sassy Sugar

Danin's been kinda throwing a fit for the last ten minutes or so after having been scolded by Brian for being disrespectful.  Out of nowhere, she just busted out with, "....And I want a bigger house with stairs in it."  If only, if only... :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012


So get this:  Late last night, Brian finally told me that for three days I have had really bad breath.  Are you serious?!  He suffered through three days of talking, kissing, and me without telling me?  Oh, my heavens!  I am so embarrassed.  I think he waited so long to tell me because he didn't want to embarrass me--but instead, I'm just triply embarrassed.  What in the heck am I supposed to do?  I brush thoroughly and often, and I even floss now and then. :)  No seriously--I'm a pretty good flosser.  And you better believe that since last night, I've been gargling mouth wash like crazy...But Brian says the halitosis continues.  Great.  Now what?  Well, this isn't the first time this has happened....

When I was in college, I dated a guy named Johnny for quite some time.  And we broke up several times--or rather tried to break up several times--but we'd always find ways to see each other and then the relationship would start again.  So day we had seen each other at the Devotional and had ended up finding a private stairwell afterward--ahem...--And man, that made my day!  But later, as I recounted what had happened to Sarah, she stopped me to break the news to me that I was sporting some seriously bad breath.  And it wasn't the normal haven't-brushed-your-teeth-in-a-while breath, she said.  It was the something-is-rotting-in-your stomach kind.  Really?  I didn't even know there was that kind.   I was horrified, especially considering I had just been locking lips with Johnny.  And no matter how hard I blew into my cupped hands, I could smell nothing.  Whatever, though.  I needed to quickly remedy the situation and do it fast because Johnny and I had also made plans for later that evening.    Well, Sarah and I booked it to the store and loaded up on gum and mouth wash and then went home to see what it did for me.  Nothing!  So I called my doctor/uncle and told him the situation and he told me that most likely I had a sinus infection which would require antibiotics.  Perfect.  I'd have to schedule an appointment the next day.  Johnny would have to suffer through another smelly date that day. :(  Why the heck didn't I cancel?  Oh, I don't know.  You know how love is...

Turns out I did, in fact, have a sinus infection.  Maybe I have one now, too.  I'm not sure.  I don't have any other symptoms...

OK.  So other than my bad breath, life's been pretty good lately!  We had our dance party on Friday and it was a really good time.  Brian spent hours setting up a stage, stringing lights, hooking up speakers, hanging a projector screen,  etc.  and our friends were so wonderful to oblige me and my girls.  My girl Gain Goo seriously danced the entire time, and when the music ended, she was still asking for one more song.  :)  Danin hung in there pretty well, too, and even Brian danced some.  Camp mainly just ran around the dark yard with the rest of the boys, periodically appearing out of the bushes.  I was happy he was having his kind of fun.  It really was a dream come true for me.   The only misfortune of my having danced my little heart out was that I did not take one picture.  Brian got a couple of video clips, but they are too long to show here.  You'll just have to imagine the fun... :)

And my summer trip to Vegas and Utah.  I still haven't told you about it.  And now I don't have it in me to include all the details.  Suffice it to say, the kids and I had a wonderful time.  I absolutely loved every minute spent with my family--both sides--and the things we were able to do.  We went shopping, ice-blocking, swimming, bridal showering, Seth's wedding and receptioning (yep, my littlest brother is a married man), dancing, camping, canyoneering, hiking....Man, it was fun.  I got to spend my few special days with Sarah toward the end and even spent a night with Merrit and April on the way out.  My only regret is not having spent more time with Charley.  I hadn't seen him in two years and didn't get the chance to enjoy him as much as I would have liked.  One of the highlights of the trip, though, was an evening on which he and I and Sarah, Laura, Audrey, John, and Heather and Charley Hatch stayed up late playing games and laughing.  So at least I have that.  And I'll keep it.

And here's another little bedroom reveal for you.  I had the idea to put up some trim in the girls room, and called Brian to pass the idea by him.  He came home and busted it all out that very night.  Hook-ups, I tell you.  I am one lucky lady.  

And the first day of school has come and gone.  We're back to homework battles, finding shoes, signing papers, working through frustrations; but all in all, I think we're off to a good start.  

Thanks for reading...I love you all.
I even made those curtains!  They are actual functioning roman shades!  Pretty good, huh?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tooth Fairy

I've already told you how I was forced to divulge the truth about the tooth fairy with my kids, right?  (Camp found some Fruit-By-The-Foots up in my closet--the SAME treats left under his pillow by the tooth fairy the night before.  Doh!) And it hasn't been a big deal.  Just like I didn't care as a child that it was my parents who were leaving all those gifts under the Christmas Tree, my kids haven't seemed to mind that it has been me all along leaving those fruit roll-ups.  However, I had a tragic thing happen the other day.  Janey lost like her third tooth in a week period and was very excited to see what treat I would leave to replace it.  ( I had already done my duty for the other two.)  Well, guess what happened?  I know!  It's horrible!  I forgot!  Now I realize this wouldn't normally be that big of a deal, especially considering she already knows the tooth-fairy secret.  It became a big deal when I realized that THIS is what had been left for me under Jane's pillow:
I became aware of it when Jane threw it at me the next morning, before stomping off yelling, "You forgot!"  Ohhhh, maaaannnn.   I felt bad.  Real bad.  Man, I love that girl.  She's feisty--man, has she been feisty lately.  But her heart!  There's nothing like it.    And don't you worry.  Last night, I made sure to more than make up for my oversight the night before.  

One more thing.  Just in case I don't get  a chance to post a new entry to my blog before Friday (I still have to chronicle my summer vacation for you, after all),  I need to remind you about our Dance Party this Friday at 7.  There will be dancing--just dancing--and we will have a ball.  So let me know if you will be joining us, so I can plan accordingly.  We're counting the days.... :)