Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm just too tired

I've had every intention of updating my blog. I've just gotten behind in everything and I can't seem to pick up the slack. I'm tired. I'm usually so productive at night. After my kids go to bed, I usually clean up the front of the house, or vacuum, or do laundry, or watch TV, or update my blog, or a combination of some or all of those things, but these days, I'm lucky if I even brush my teeth before I fall asleep. And my scripture reading is slacking big time, too. As much as I've loved the addition of Skip to our lives, having a new baby--even as good a baby as he--has seemed to unravel things a bit. And like I said, I'm just tired. I've been wanting to tell you about how I got mastitis for the first time; and about how Brian was out of town for our Valentines date so I was accompanied by Camp instead;

and about how Brian ran his first Ultra marathon (which was 31 miles of trails!!); and about how we enjoyed another wonderful visit with Becky who came to meet Skip and be here for his Blessing; and about how I've been looking forward to Brian's and my 10 year wedding anniversary forever and when it finally came, it was awful; and about how good the kids are with Skip; and about how I got to visit with Brooke for a couple hours and see in person just how darling Addison is; and about how I'm finally going to make an appointment with the doctor so that he can prescribe me some ultra-strength antiperspirant; and probably about other things. The problem is, though--I'm just too tired. But don't you worry. As soon as I've gotten tons of sleep and my kitchen floor is clean again, I'll tell you all about it.