Sunday, May 24, 2009

I dreamed a dream

Welp. Another couple weeks have come and gone. And they've been good. Brian's in serious crunch mode trying to finish the dental office that he has been working on. And Brian's crunch mode is unlike that of most others. His is the kind where he only sleeps a few nights a week--the others he just works straight through. Right now he is asleep and has the alarm set for 12:45 a.m. at which time he will get up and go back to work. I don't know how he does it. I would die. Seriously. I'm just praying he doesn't. But anyway... In case you're interested (Terry), you can go here: to see how the office is coming along.

And me? Well, I actually did a little artwork. Not the amazing kind that Tiffany does, but the kind where you have at least been able to take up some space on a wall. My bedroom has forever needed a little help, so I needed to figure out something that I could put in white frames that would tie in the colors in my duvet cover. Soooo, I went to Michaels and got some blue and green jewelry pieces, and then I just glued them onto some mat board and framed them up--I mean, why wear jewelry when you can put it on the wall, instead? Very uncharacteristically modern for me. I've always considered my decorating tastes to be casual traditional, but a little modern flair has just started penetrating my boundaries. Get a load of my new lamp! I almost feel like a traitor! I still prefer (and plan to remain loyal to) curved lines, turned legs and feet, and raised panels in furniture, but more and more I'm starting to enjoy and appreciate the non-stuffiness of somewhat modern accessories. I suppose my style is more transitional these days...(I heard that classification on HGTV the other night.) That's as far as I'll go, though. I can't imagine ever being a fan of splattered paint artwork or lucite. You know what? What the heck am I talking about? At this point, my house is nowhere close to having a style. I need to be speaking in the subjunctive. If my house had a style, I would want it to be transitional. Yes, that's MUCH more accurate. But anyway... I also framed up two little scraps of the material I used to make my duvet cover and put the frames--along with my cool lamp--on top of my dresser. Those aren't really doing anything for me due to the fact that from even a three foot distance, the colors and pattern of the material are indistinguishable, but at least the white frames still brighten things up a little. And I painted a couple of paisley designs on two canvas boards (thanks, Sarah) in order to take up some space on the wall next to the armoire in the family room.
And lastly (and best of all) I bought a few more ceiling medallions and added them to the cool one that my mom gave me for Christmas, and I hung them on my red entry wall. I need to get a few more, but I think they look fabulous. I got the idea in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine. It was a Christmas decorating idea. They were supposed to be reminiscent of snowflakes. I decided however, that they were definitely cool enough to have up all year long. (Kinda like my red berry wreaths.) Pleeeaaassseee.

Wow. This is not a fun post for anyone but me. You know what would be a lot more interesting to a lot more people? A post about my toenails. I am not kidding you--I swear at least 25% of the few hits by blog gets come from people who have done google searches about toenail picking. Isn't that hilarious? So the post I did about toenail picking about a year ago gets far more hits than anything else I've ever written about (with my Pampered Chef post coming in at a distant second.) Sooooooo, in honor of my toenail-picking comrades, my next post will give an update on my toenails. Now THAT is something you don't want to miss.

P.S. You know what is even cooler than the fun I've had doing my little art projects? The fact that I had a dream about Scotty last Friday night. Earlier that day in the car, Jane told me that "she had a brudda name Cotty who died, too" and something about water and Jane trying to help him or something like that. So that night, I had a dream that I had started a race and was in the lead, running through water, until Scotty caught up to me and was yelling my name, smiling big. He was only wearing shorts (and maybe shoes)--which is exactly Scotty style-- and he gave me a huge hug and I told him I loved him, smiling big back. Then, he ran ahead and that was that. (I was running in the Rhody Run the next day--hence, the race.) Anyway, so cool. I hope you really are putting in your miles up there, Scotty, because I'll be ready for a re-match next time I see you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers' Day. Mine started out a little rough--neither of my kids would go up to the stand to sing with the other primary kids and the song they would have been singing is the very one I often sing to them at bedtime: I often go walking. Where the heck is the love? And Camp's primary teacher came by my class to deliver the Mothers' Day card he had made me. She said she wanted to get it to me before it was possibly destroyed. She said that Camp was in somewhat of a destructive mood and that he had said something about cutting it all up and killing something/someone. Yikes! (To my family--can you see me pulling at my collar right now?) But other than that, my day was pretty darn good. I was treated to the greatest luxury: a nap. Man, sleep makes me happy. Aaaannnndddd, while I was sleeping, Brian and the kids made me cookies. Oh, and Brian got me a couple of house plan magazines (man, there are some ridiculous plans out there), because I am in the process of looking for a house plan for our next house. I will likely be putting our house up for sale again this week. Why? Because in anticipation of so many of you coming to visit us, we've decided it would help to have a guest room. So tell all of the people you know who are moving to Florence that you know of the best house for sale. To start out, I'm going to be giving the for-sale-by-owner thing a whirl just to see what happens. But anyway....
Let it be known (in case I die, or in case it isn't known already) that I love my mom, and I love being a mother. I am grateful for the chance I have as a mother to experience the closest thing to Christ's love that I will ever experience in this life. I am also grateful to feel unconditionally loved by my mom and by my children. I hope they feel the same from me.

P.S. A special "Happy Mother's Day" to Brooke, who is sure to be one heck of a cool mama to the little Lima bean chillin inside her. And CONGRATULATIONS to Heather and Mim on their new babies!