Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flying solo

I really screwed up today. I was asked to substitute teach the 12 and 13 year old Sunday school class today and the lesson was on the Word of Wisdom. After the class, and while I was sitting in Relief Society, I was thinking about how things had gone and I realized that I had totally taught a crappy lesson. Why? Because I was totally without the guidance and inspiration of the Spirit. I hadn't given nearly enough thought to the things that I would say and the way I would present the lesson, and I definitely wasn't sensitive to my class members' situations during the lesson. So I missed an opportunity to have the Spirit testify to those youth of truth. Nice one, Ann. I just hope I will be given another chance to do it right next time.
On a lighter note...
When Brian and I first moved to Oregon, we were both working--Brian was working on my aunt and uncle's remodel, and I was working in a candy store downtown. On payday, we would often go over to Eugene for the day and spend money. Man, it was fun. We would go out to eat, get chocolates at Sees, go clothes shopping for me and tool shopping for Brian. Those were some good times... and they pretty much ended when we started having kids. But yesterday, we rekindled the passion--well, almost. We were able to leave Camp and Jane behind, but we had to take Danin with us. It's funny, because back in the day I treated myself to a bunch of clothes from the mall, but these days, treating myself means getting a few of my favorite Airwick plug -in oil burners, some vanilla and lavender scented Downy ( I am determined to have a house that smells good), two new white pots, and a little ficus. Ooohhh. I did get some new lip gloss, too. And can I tell you how much I love grocery shopping at Wal-mart? I know many of you probably hate Wal-mart, but I am totally willing to forge my way through the masses in order to get green sauce and salad dressing at half the price as at my store here in Florence.
Other than that, Brian left for scout camp today and will be gone until Saturday. It will probably be a long week. I sure wish I got to spend it with my mom like Kacey. Luckyyyyyy! Brian being gone means that Camp is the "man of the house." This is a big deal for Camp because it means that he gets to sleep in my bed.
Oh, and we did another taste test. In case you care, Henry Weinhard's was preferred over IBC by five out of six people. (And in case you care a little more, I don't really care for root beer--or other soda--in general.)
Yep, so aside from my terrible lesson today, I'm a pretty darn happy lady.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's all good.

No, you don't have to worry. You will not be seeing us on Divorce Court any time soon. They're all booked up until November. Psyyyyyych! It feels so good to use that word again after like twenty years. I may not be bringing sexy back, but I'm going to try and bring psych back. Anyway, everything's fine. I can't say that everything is resolved, but there is no longer the threat of violence or name-calling. I think these are issues we will probably deal with forever, unfortunately. But it seems like things are progressing a little at a time, and I'm cool with that. ALRIGHT! I'll give you a hint as to what our fight was about. If you had to look up this fight in the card catalog of our life together, you'd probably want to look under "communication" (the lack of) and "money." I know. What a shocker.

So aside from our little grudges that lingered through the last week or so, everything's been pretty darn good.

Brian built Camp his first ramp. Camp was totally stoked and walked around all day with a notepad in which he and Brian had drawn all of the different types of ramps. Camp has been exceptionally good lately which has made me likely the happiest mother alive. He has gotten so much better at not hitting his friends, throwing fits, and going crazy when I say no. In fact, you are not going to believe this: the other day I was at the dollar store and when we got to the register, Camp asked me if he could have one of those jumbo-sized blow pops sitting below the counter. I said, "No. Not this time" and Camp replied, "OK, Mom, " with a sweet little voice. The cashier guy commented that he thought I should write a book or give classes or something. I just wanted to die. Seriously. I could hardly imagine a better note on which to leave the earth. The irony of the situation is so hysterical, considering that for about 90% of my experiences in stores with my kids, I probably had folks all over the place whispering about how I needed to be institutionalized or dragged out of the store with my kids at the very least.

Jane is a joy most of the time --going around telling Camp that he has a "poopoo wog in his gaipa (diaper pro- nounced guy-pa)."

Danin is standing on her own now, got her first tooth, and is eating big people food.

Brian is busy which is about the greatest blessing a self -employed person-- especially a general contractor -- could ask for.

And me? Man, I'll tell you. I have done so well lately at not losing my temper -- especially with my kids. And for about two weeks now, I have been able to defy myself by folding each load of laundry as it has come out of the dryer, so I have not had it pile up once. AND my flowers are looking fabulous. So if it weren't for the fact that my car is burning oil and smoking out everyone we drive by, I would pretty much be the coolest person in town.

So all is good in our hood.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm feeling crappy.

Sometimes the sappy, seemingly perfect blogging world makes you want to puke, so I thought I'd add a bit of variety to it. Brian and I are in a fight. Our differences are currently not complimenting one another as they do most of the time. I will not tell you what we are fighting about, as I recognize that I would not represent Brian's perspective fairly. What I will tell you is that I cried a lot, said a prayer that our hearts would both be softened, and then took a nap. It could have been worse. I could have screamed and punched Brian like I wanted to and then called my mom or Brian's mom in order to get validation. As it is, I'm up from my nap, and my heart has not been softened (does that mean I'm right and I don't need any softening?) and I'm wondering when and how this fight will ever end.

So there.