Thursday, April 24, 2008

Camp and I went on a date last Saturday. It's funny because despite the fact that I am home with him everyday, I find that I am in desperate need of time alone with him. (Time when I am not sending him to his room for hitting Jane or calling me an idiot--time when we have no one to distract us from one another.) Anyway, it was really fun. We went to Subway for lunch, and then to a play, and then to the grocery store where I let Camp get a chocolate donut to eat while I shopped.
Other than washing machine is broken. Sometimes I hate being a grown up.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nothing To Say

I've wanted to post something new for a while, but guess what? I've had nothing to say. So tonight I've decided to just start typing and see where it takes me...

How was my week? Oh, it was fine. I've got a good life, and I love to be at home. My kids are good kids. I've had a bit of trouble with Jane and Camp fighting lately. Actually, it is more like Camp fighting with Jane. I'm not sure what to do about it. My mom has told me to make sure that I give Camp ways to serve Jane and that he will come to really love her by doing so. I do try to do that, so hopefully it will help.

Brian brought home a bunch of boxes that we had been storing in my parents garage. I started going through them the other night and I experienced so much nostalgia. I was reading all of the letters, cards, and notes I came across and that seemed to take me back in time to when they were written. It was weird because after reading stuff for a couple of hours, I would see myself in the mirror, and it would almost startle me because I would realize anew that I am so much different now. My life is different now. Anyway, I was reminded of how fun Malinda's notes were. She always drew really funny pictures to go along with whatever she was writing--And I was reminded of some of the friendships that I had back then that I will always be grateful for. And I found the senior picture where a bunch of us held up letters at the top of the bleachers that spelled "Mo Mo Mo Mo." I still had a couple of the letters. And I found a few of the dance pictures that Larry had given me. He always gave me his 8x10's. So funny. And I found birthday cards my roommates gave me in college, and I found notes written on napkins that Johnny or Emily would send through to me when I worked in the MTC as a dishwasher. And I found the funniest story that Chels had written about me and a card that she gave me when I was apparently really struggling. And I found a couple letters from Sarah telling me how much she loved me. I still remember the day she gave me one of those letters. I was teaching my lab in the Statistics building, and I was wearing a cute black turtle neck and sailor-type jeans, and I felt like my life was falling apart. And I found papers I wrote. What the heck is a 23 factorial experiment? Man, I sounded smart. I wish I could still do that stuff. And then I found love notes, if you will, between Brian and me, from before we were married and during our early marriage. Priceless. I was thinking about how fun it would be to put together a notebook just of letters between Brian and me. I have a ton of them. Wouldn't that be fun to pass on to our kids?
So what do I do with all of that stuff? How do I decided what to keep and what to chuck? It was hard. I don't feel like I can keep toting four boxes of notes around, and what for? I ended up throwing out a lot of it, but some things I still kept. I guess I feel like a select handful of people really have helped to shape my life and it is the letters, etc. from those people that I will keep for now. Who knows? Maybe I will go through the "keep" pile again in a few years and throw out some more of it. Maybe all that will be left in the end are those letters between Brian and Me. I'll never throw those out. Hmmm...this is starting to sound too much like Tuesdays with Morrie or something kinda sappy like that...Anyway...
What else happened? I had really bad gas all week. The rotten egg kind. It wouldn't leave me alone. And Danin started pulling herself up to standing, and Camp said he wasn't going to die yet because he is a little shy with Jesus. And on Thursday morning I was a bad mom. I woke up late and Camp was late for school--and because I was rushing him too much, we started fighting. I yelled and was too rough with him. I did ask for his forgiveness, though, and then I said my morning prayers. (Too bad I hadn't done that right when I got out of bed) And Jane sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star really well. And Brian stayed home for the entire Saturday and painted the front door. I love when he is home on Saturdays.