Friday, August 31, 2007

Pushing lessons

Jane officially went potty and poopoo in the toilet last night! For the last couple weeks, she has been letting us know when she has to go poopoo by pointing to her bum and saying "uh paw-ee." So we have practiced putting her on the toilet several times, but until last night, nothing had ever happened. Last night, she and Camp were taking a bath and Jane started doing the point-at-her-bum thing, so I took her out and let her sit on the toilet for a while. She didn't go at first, so I held her for a little while without her diaper, and then when I coud tell that she wasn't going to hold it much longer, I put her back on the toilet and started reading her books. After about ten minutes, I took her off the toilet only to discover that she had gone potty and poopoo without me even realizing it! Yay, Janey!

Friday, August 24, 2007

It's coming along.....

That's right, baby. This year I am in the company picture for the Tour book. Why? Because I am almost the most important asset that Brian Lacouture Building has. I WOULD be the most important asset, except that Brian is slightly more important. Seriously though, I am important, and I earned my right to be in the picture. Camp and Jane earned the right to be in it too, because they have given up their dad, in large part, over the last few months, and they've had to put up with countless days of me being on the phone with house stuff for long periods of time. I just wish-- after these months of hard work earning my way into the picture--that it was a better picture. Could I look any uglier? Bummer.
So the house is coming along. Here is the most recent picture...Brian is losing the last of his employees next week (because of school starting), so he'll be flying solo for the last twenty-something work days before the tour. He can do it, though. He can do anything.
By the way--Just in case you are wondering why we are all wearing Pro Lumber shirts--it is because Pro is the lumber store here in town that has won our loyalties and we thought we'd throw a little advertisement for them into the tour book.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lots of dirty fun

So my kids (and their second cousin, Collin Mitchell) had a great time yesterday making a mess of our yard and themselves. It's funny how the combination of dirt and water is always the recipe for the ultimate fun when we are young. Camp loves it when Brian and I tell him stories about when we were young. One of his favorites is when I had had my friend Jamie over and my mom had come out to let us know that it was time for Jamie to go home and that her mom was on her way over. We were not ready for her to go home so we decided that if we stripped down and covered ourselves in mud, our moms would have no choice but to let Jamie stay longer so that we could take a bath. Brilliant!

For fear that I will not get around to recording this anywhere else, I will share some of Camp's recent comments with you.

After having gotten a new little bouncy ball at the library recently, Camp observed later that evening: "Look, mom. My potty (his private) has two bouncy balls in it."

As I turned to glare at him after hearing him say "idiot," Camp reassured me: "Mom, I didn't say 'idiot,' I said 'bidiot.' It just sounded like idiot." Nice save, Camp.

Camp: "Mom, what does 'chill out' mean?"
Mom: "It means 'calm down'. "
Camp: "Do you know why I told Janey to chill out?"
Mom: "Why?"
Camp: "Because she was freaking out!"

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just Camp and me

So this weekend, Brian flew to Vegas for the baby blessing of our new nephew. We decided to send Jane with him since she flies free, and Camp and I stayed home. I'm really grateful to have had this time to spend alone with Camp. I have not had time alone with Camp since Jane was born, so this was a much needed opportunity to really give Camp all of my attention. We had a great time together. On Friday night, we rented movies and stayed up until midnight and then both slept in my bed. On Saturday, we went to a local tourist restaurant where you get to eat in classic cars that have had a table built into them. I went all out and even got quarters so that Camp could ride the mechanical horse thing. we then went down to the boat docks--Camps favorite activity. I brought some bread for us to feed the seagulls. Camp was delighted at being surrounded by screeching, selfish seagulls. We even had a sea lion swim up to us. It was really fun. Then we walked down to the toy store where we spent almost an hour, and then got some Oreo blizzard fixings at Safeway. Today we have read lots and lots of books. Anyway, I really love my little Camper and I feel so lucky to have gotten to spend this time with him. I wasn't able to take any pictures because my camera was in the car that Brian took to the airport, but here are a couple of pictures that Camp and I drew. I know. It WAS very unselfish of me to forgo my lucrative future in art in order to stay at home with my kids. Maybe you can say that at my funeral, too.

Cyber Tag

Who would have ever guessed that as a twenty-eight-year-old mother, tag would become fun again? Thanks, Leela.

As I have said before, there are very few things that people don't know about me. However, here are 7 things that you are atleast less likely to know:

7) I have a lot of false teeth and only four real ones (well, maybe it's the other way around, but whatever.

6.) I do not like animals--well, not as pets, anyway. To me, pets are gross.

5.) I overcame my fear of kissing by applying a basketball free throw study I read about in the Readers Digest. (Why am I the only girl on earth who was scared to death of kissing?)

4.) I ran a marathon last October. That's cool, right? Well not as cool as the fact that for the last half of the marathon, I was eating vaseline thinking that it was runner's goo.

3.) I wear socks with sandals (or socks with crocs, rather) several days a week. I know, I know. I need help. Fashionability (is that a word?) has been sucked entirely out of me as a result of being a mother and living somewhere where no one cares. This is especially hard for me to admit after having read Crystal's latest blog. Thanks for standing with me, Max. The thing is, I hate feeling like my feet are getting dirty and I'm too lazy to put on any shoes other than my crocs. I'll work on it. I promise.

2.) I occasionally stand naked in front of a mirror, looking at myself from behind, in order to analyze my body. I do not recommend it.

1. ) At my funeral, I want you all to sing Love One Another, and I want someone to say that I was funny and that he/she always liked my Christmas Tree.

I'm tagging Kell Buck and Tall Tiffany.