Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lots of dirty fun

So my kids (and their second cousin, Collin Mitchell) had a great time yesterday making a mess of our yard and themselves. It's funny how the combination of dirt and water is always the recipe for the ultimate fun when we are young. Camp loves it when Brian and I tell him stories about when we were young. One of his favorites is when I had had my friend Jamie over and my mom had come out to let us know that it was time for Jamie to go home and that her mom was on her way over. We were not ready for her to go home so we decided that if we stripped down and covered ourselves in mud, our moms would have no choice but to let Jamie stay longer so that we could take a bath. Brilliant!

For fear that I will not get around to recording this anywhere else, I will share some of Camp's recent comments with you.

After having gotten a new little bouncy ball at the library recently, Camp observed later that evening: "Look, mom. My potty (his private) has two bouncy balls in it."

As I turned to glare at him after hearing him say "idiot," Camp reassured me: "Mom, I didn't say 'idiot,' I said 'bidiot.' It just sounded like idiot." Nice save, Camp.

Camp: "Mom, what does 'chill out' mean?"
Mom: "It means 'calm down'. "
Camp: "Do you know why I told Janey to chill out?"
Mom: "Why?"
Camp: "Because she was freaking out!"


Tara Maxfield said...

Camp sounds like the funniest little guy. I love how creative and genius they are at such a young age.

Jen said...

I LOVE those pictures, especially the one at the end! How old are you in that pic? I can't believe how big your kids are getting!

nikki said...

I remember once when we lived in Wisconsin we had a Swingset type thing in the backyard over a sandpit. One day my brother and I took the hose over there and filled it full of water making a muddy mess where we played to our hearts content. I don't think my mom was too happy about it and she hosed us off before she would let us in the house.

Danalin said...

I love it! I love that you remember such fun stories from your childhood. I am hoping that as I raise Max and our other kiddos that I will have more memories come back to me because there is SO much that just isn't accessible in my brain it seems. Thanks for sharing the cute stories, the cute pictures and the adorable things Camp has said lately! :)

Lindsey said...

That story about you is great! And I love the picture! Kids say the funniest things!!! I love it!

I told Aaron about the reunion. He got a thing a couple of months ago, but he never responded because he says he has no interest in going. I guess I don't really have any room to speak because I didn't go to mine last year either. Anyway, if he changes his mind, I'll let ya know!

Miriam said...

Sounds like one of the many schemes we used to use to sway mom and dad from their threats of returning home from your house. What is really great, is that most of the time it worked. All we had to do was pop in the Sandlot or A League of Their Own, and we were guaranteed at least another couple of hours. SUCKERS!
And on the same vein as Camp's "Bidiot" save, I have to share a Millyism: The other day she called Elena a "poo-poo," and Elena told her that that wasn't a very nice thing say, to which Milly quickly replied "Oh, poo-poo is Spanish for Purple." HAH! What brilliant children!
And one more thing: The other day Aunt Beth was down for Rob's graduation, and she said "You and Ann should get together and then you'd have a Scout Camp..."

She's right, you know...:)

Lila said...

I am laughing so histerically right now that Travis is downstairs wondering if I am freaking out. Thanks for sharing.

Kat said...

Next time you post a picture of my husband nude, get permission first (this is her husband writing). Funny thing is, I wasnt even muddy except for a little bit on my stomach...
The house looks great.

Heather + Billy + some= more said...

Ann- I LOVE Camp's balls comment. Figures it'd come from you and Brian's kid! Your family is so cute. Your mom talks about you guys all the time.