Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can you smell it?!!

In case you haven't noticed, the holiday season is totally upon us. Can't you just smell it when you walk outside?! Yippee! And as if the holiday season didn't already come with hundreds of sugary, fattening vices, I've had a new one overcome me: caramel apples---oooohhhhh...While Becky was here, we did our best to imitate the apple pie caramel apples sold at Disneyland. And we did a pretty fine job, I tell you. And we didn't pay $6.95 a piece, either.
But no worries--I've still managed to maintain a balanced diet. I'm sure the birthday cake and ice cream I've consumed equals the caramel and white chocolate, and we can't forget the perfectly wholesome apple underneath all that goodness.
So I'm good.
And Brian's good too, because he ran a stinkin marathon! He did great and I loved cheering for him. When we finally saw him at mile 23, you would never have known that he wasn't just out for a casual morning jog. He didn't look like he was hurting at all. I told you he's amazing. And he said that it had been hard, but still a good enough experience that he'd like to do it again someday.

And Camp's good too, because he had a birthday! My little homie is six years old. Crazy. He had a great day. We made little ghost suckers to take to his class members and he was sung to at school and on the bus. And he had a bunch of boys over for a party, and Becky made him an awesome rocket cake and he got a new skateboard. The only thing that could have made the day better would be for Collin to have been there. :( Collin! Come back!! And in addition to just having had a birthday, Camp is training for his first 5k. Isn't that awesome?! The local booster club is sponsoring a 5k on Halloween morning to raise money for the middle and high school athletic programs, and Camp is totally stoked about it. And you know what I think he is most excited about? Having the rest of us cheer for him. Like I've said--I don't mess around when it comes to cheering. I seriously cannot wait. That boy is going to feel my love.

And Danin's good, too, because she had a birthday, too. Yep. My little shuga plum is two. She also got a fancy cake, but no party. I don't believe in throwing parties for kids who are not old enough to know the difference.

Jane, though? Yeah, she knows the difference, so being the only kid that hasn't had a birthday yet is pretty tough for her. She just can't wait till her "burh-day". Poor girl. I'm gonna make sure to make it a really fun one for her this year. Other than that, she continues to LOVE school. I don't love it quite as much as she does because when she's gone, there is noone to entertain Dan. She is so good with Danin. They play all day long together.

P.S. It was super fun to have Brooke visit. I threw together a baby shower for her and we had a good time. I remember her saying something like, "So this is really what your life is really like? (referring to the kids' constant craziness) Um..yep. Aren't you excited, Brooke?! No, I'm just kidding. You will love it.

While in Vegas, we got to go out with Justin and Rachel. So fun. Oh, and here's me in my new yard sale boots.