Monday, July 9, 2012

Bedroom Reveal


OK, so this isn't really a bedroom reveal.  Bedroom reveal just sounds so much more interesting than new mirror reveal or painted armoire reveal.  Anyway, my Ballard mirrors came last week!  At first, I wasn't sure about them.  I think I had hung them a little high ( undoubtedly the worst and most common decorating mistake) and all I could think of every time I looked at them was Mickey Mouse.  They--alongside the rounded-headboard head--made the perfect ears.  UGH!  So, another package of 3M Strips later (I'm serious--those things work like a champ), they were a few inches lower and a little less Mickey Mousey.  I like them pretty well, now.  They do add a little bit of glamour and sparkle which is absent in the rest of my home.  Oh, and yep!  I dragged in my zebra.  What?  Did you think I was joking about moving it all over the house every time I waned a room to look good? Nope.  I wasn't.  And what do you think of my painted armoire?  Do you remember what it used to look like?  When I painted it, I wasn't intending for it to be almost exactly the same color as my walls.  It's color was from a totally different paint chip and everything.  I guess I just really gravitate to that color blue right now, no matter how much I try to choose something different.  Regardless, I really like it anyway.  I feel like because it is really similar in color to my walls, it's not too obtuse in the room, but still a cool piece.   What do you think?  (Notice I never take any up-close-to-show-you-the-cute-little-details pictures.  That's because the only details you'd see would be dust, sewing mess-ups and weird stuff like routers and wires and stuff.  Maybe when my hydrangeas are ready, I'll cut some and put them in that vase on the night stand by the window and then take a picture of that.  Wouldn't this room just be complete with a little vase of hydrangeas?)  Tell me what you think....