Monday, March 9, 2015

That's Bush League

As we were just leaving the restaurant where we had dinner (thank you, Chad and Kim for the gift certificate!),  Brian and Skip (who just turned FOUR, if you remember) had the following conversation:

B:  "Ha ha.  You just walked into a tree."

S: "No I didn't!  That's not a tree!"

B:  "What is it?"

S:  "It's a bush!"

B:  "You're a bush."

S:  "Your mom's a bush!"

Don't take it personally, though, Becky.  Sigh.....

Skippy's Dream

Lately, Skip has made a habit of telling me his dreams every morning.  Today, he related the following:

Mom.  Last night in my dream we were at Dona's house.  And it was a good dream.  And we were standing in the pool.  And I was there and Daddy was there and Camp was there and Weslie was there and Riggs was there and Reesee was there and Mackee was there.....  (he names just about everyone, including my siblings.  He can't remember Sarah's name, but refers to her as "their mom".   Sorry, Sarah.  :) )  And there was a board that you jump on.  And there was a big splash....  

Oh, really?  I say.

For Real.  Yeah.  He says.