Thursday, September 18, 2014


Yesterday, I happened to glance down at Skip while he had his finger in his nose.  He said to me, "Burger...(booger)."  I laughed and commented, "That's nasty."  Then he said to me, "Mom, dare (they're) not nasty.  You should try one."  No shame,  I tell ya.  The boy's got no shame.

Just out of curiosity--how long is too long to spend brushing your teeth?  The other night as I was flossing, I commented to Brian how glad I was that after so many years of flossing after I brushed my teeth, he had suggested I do it before brushing.  Totally changed my life.  He then said, "Yeah, and I think you brush too hard and for too long as well."  I'll spare you the ridiculous boring details, but suffice it to say, I totally got my feelings hurt.  I feel like for years now (after having learned that hard brushing was the cause of my receding gums), I've made a concerted effort to softly brush my teeth.  Aaaannnddd---brushing too long?  Is that even possible?  I don't know.  I just thought I was being thorough, and all along Brian has just been thinking critically of my brushing habits.

I think I'm just particularly sensitive to all things mouth related because of the breath issues I've told you about.  Come to think about it, I've had mouth and teeth issues my whole life.  In like first or second grade, I specifically remember recognizing that Jamie Mueller had the big humps in her upper lip that make a woman beautiful and I had hardly more than a straight line for my top lip---almost no lips at all, for that matter.   And that's saying nothing of the cold sores and cracks that have plagued my lips my whole life.  Add to that the fact that I have had gapped teeth, then missing teeth, then false teeth, then receding gums and bad breath.... Seriously?  Could it get any worse?  Answer:  Yes.  Next week I'm getting at least one root canal.  (But guess what?  When I called my dentist to schedule a root canal, he recommended I go on antibiotics.  He said doing so would help with my pain, but also that it would kill the infection.  Until then, it had never occurred to me that need for a root canal denotes an infection.  So then it occurred to me that maybe having an infection in my mouth for some time has had something to do with my bad breath?!  Could that be?!  I'm going to ask Brian tonight if he's noticed a change in my breath since I finished the antibiotics.   Crossing my fingers (and popping in some gum)......

P.S.  You know what else totally hurts my feelings?  Selfies.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Skip said the dinner prayer tonight.  I reminded him to thank Heavenly Father for the food.  He also included, "Thank you for Santa Claus.  I want a shoot gun like Afton's...."   Afterwards, Camp commented that Skip may be confusing Santa Claus and God.  Yikes.

Tomorrow night Brian and I are taking Jane out on a date to share the big secret of life with her.  I hope she takes it better than I did at her age.  I don't want her thinking I am worse than the devil.  I also don't want her catching on to the reason behind our bedroom door so often being locked.    Hopefully she doesn't yet put two and two together.  She is really good at math, though.....

Tomorrow, Camp--that same little boy who so (seemingly) recently was insisting on my playing the audience for his "cage trick"--will have his first tackle football game.  He has loved practices so much and is so pumped about his games.  He told me that he wants everyone he knows to be at his first game.  I asked him what would happen if he played terribly?  He said maybe he would rather that everyone he knows be at his second game.  :)  But at a parent meeting yesterday, the coach reminded the parents that not every kid would get equal playing time (or playing time at all, for that matter.)  I expressed to Brian how much I hope that Camp will get to play.  He wants and expects to play.   Brian just said, " Well, if he doesn't, there will be no one better to sympathize with him than me."  Man, I love Brian and admire the person he has become.

Still, I hope Camp plays.  And I hope he hears my proud cheering from the stands.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Girl's Got Confidence

I admire my Shugee so much.  On the first day of school, the two of us stood outside her new classroom and I asked to take one more picture of her.  She rolled her eyes, but consented.  Then I gave her  a last excited hug and a kiss.  She groaned a bit, and not because she was embarrassed, but because I was wasting her time.  I let go of her and she marched down the hall with her perky backside twitching back and forth.  She didn't look back.  This morning in the car on the way to school, I kept glancing back at her in my rear-view mirror as she was talking to Hunter.  She was telling him--all annoyed--that last year, every boy in her class had a crush on her....

If they were smart they did....  :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Heart Sundays

 Did I tell you this summer has been the best summer ever?  It has.  And sometime I am going to write all about it.  But for now, I'm just going to share my favorite part of it.  My family.