Friday, September 12, 2014


Skip said the dinner prayer tonight.  I reminded him to thank Heavenly Father for the food.  He also included, "Thank you for Santa Claus.  I want a shoot gun like Afton's...."   Afterwards, Camp commented that Skip may be confusing Santa Claus and God.  Yikes.

Tomorrow night Brian and I are taking Jane out on a date to share the big secret of life with her.  I hope she takes it better than I did at her age.  I don't want her thinking I am worse than the devil.  I also don't want her catching on to the reason behind our bedroom door so often being locked.    Hopefully she doesn't yet put two and two together.  She is really good at math, though.....

Tomorrow, Camp--that same little boy who so (seemingly) recently was insisting on my playing the audience for his "cage trick"--will have his first tackle football game.  He has loved practices so much and is so pumped about his games.  He told me that he wants everyone he knows to be at his first game.  I asked him what would happen if he played terribly?  He said maybe he would rather that everyone he knows be at his second game.  :)  But at a parent meeting yesterday, the coach reminded the parents that not every kid would get equal playing time (or playing time at all, for that matter.)  I expressed to Brian how much I hope that Camp will get to play.  He wants and expects to play.   Brian just said, " Well, if he doesn't, there will be no one better to sympathize with him than me."  Man, I love Brian and admire the person he has become.

Still, I hope Camp plays.  And I hope he hears my proud cheering from the stands.


Audge said...

Oh Bipper! He is my little soul nephew. Santa/Jesus/HF/HG were all one in the same to me, too, when I was little.

And did Camp play? How did he do?!

Ann said...

Yes, Camp played. And i think he did fine, except for the fact that on the last play of the game, the QB threw a pass that was meant for him, and unfortunately, he was not where he needed to be to get it. He didn't seem to discouraged about it though. so that's cool. I just hope they give him another chance.