Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

"Going home" meant something different when I was a kid. "Going home" meant leaving my cousins (who were my life blood) or leaving Grandma Hatch's house--where there were fun neighbors and other cousins to play with, midnight runs to Dairy Queen, parks and water fights, and a fruit stand (where we bought lots of cheap candy) about a quarter mile away--or just leaving a friend's house in order to do chores. I remember "going home" many a Sunday after having taken a family drive up to the rich neighborhoods by the temple to ooh and ahh at all of the big houses. It was like a tradition that upon returning to our own house, someone would comment, "Ooooohhhh, look at THAT house!... and we would think ourselves so funny.

But going home is different now. Despite how wonderful a trip is, I love to come home--my own bed, my own drawers, my own little flowers, my own ward, my own schedule. It's funny how the smell of my house, along with the texture and color of the carpet and tile, becomes new again, and I find myself looking at everything like I've never seen it before. Weird.

And this trip really was a wonderful one. I'm really grateful for having been able to go away for so long (although I wish Brian could have been with me for longer.)
Laura's wedding was fabulous. She looked beautiful and she and her husband seemed very happy. The reception was especially good becuase it was in my parents' backyard, the weather was perfect, there was lots of good food, and John, Laura, and their friend Sfen (sp?) gave us a super cool concert afterward.
And we went to Disneyland with the Lacouture side of the family, and that was a blast as well. My sister and brother-in-law are Disney experts and therefore know every secret to having the best experience at Disneyland. Camp was tall enough for every ride but two, and I think we were able to get him on every one of those. I'm not sure which ride was his favorite, because everytime I ask him, he says something different. Jane loved everything she experienced as well--except for the Captain Hook character who accompanied us at breakfast one of the mornings we were there. And Danin was happiest whereever there was water for her to play in. My favorite rides were Splash Mountain, Pirates, Flying over California, and the Tower of Terror.
And I got to spend a few days at Sarah's house. I'm so grateful to have a sibling with kids. As I've said before, I love being with Sarah. I feel totally comfortable with her, our kids have a ball together, and I learn something every time I'm with her. (More on that later.)
Kat ran the marathon up in Logan last Saturday and I got to be there to cheer her on. Man, what a high. She has the most beautiful legs, so it is only fitting that she is such a good runner. (Or maybe she has beautiful legs because she is such a good runner....) But anyway... she did great and loved the experience and now my mom is talking about all of us girls doing one together next year. I would love to do one again, and doing one with my sisters and mom would be the coolest, so we'll see what happens. You can do it, mom! Even if you really do run a twenty minute mile. All you need are some good tunes, and I've seen what a little crazy music can do for you.
And all of the rest of our time was spent playing with our Lacouture cousins or at my mom and dad's house with Charley, Kat, and Seth (and Audge for a few days). Good times. Good times.
I'll post a few more details of the trip later.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention my new van. Love it.


ksdavis6 said...

Ann- I am so glad you are home! Looks like you had a wonderful time, I love disneyland, I am surprised your husband wore a red shirt that matched everybody elses. I 've tried that before but kris wouldn't wear a matching shirt, too manly I guess, but he did wear a bright colored shirt so the kids could easily spot us. I love the new ride, can't wait to see you. love sonya

Heather and Billy said...

Ann- I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip. Thanks again for watching my kids and for hanging out and chatting. You know you all are like family to me. (and you'll be happy to know I've heeded your advice) Forget the marathon- do the triathlon with Billy and I. Looks like the kids had a blast at Disneyland, of course. =)

Heather said...

wow, busy, busy!!! I just can't believe how cute all your family is! What a wonderul things to have so many built in friends, even if you are miles apart. And you look great. No fair! Are you sure you are a food addict or are you just saying that to make everyone else feel better?=)

ksdavis6 said...

Yeah- I am so excited that you will be their. Can't wait to see you, I'll save you a seat:)

Lisa said...

Sounds like quite the trip. I know what you mean about liking to come home to your own space! Maybe it's because you are in charge of your home - it actually is yours - not your parents.

Jen said...

Look at that hot momma with the mini-van!!! Your trip looked so fun! Now that we're both back we need to get together. Tim and I are dying to hang out with you guys! What are you doing for conference?

Emily said...

What fun Ann! Those pics are worth a thousand words. You look so beautiful and so do your kids and I love that pic with you, Sarah, Audrey and Seth, its so sweet! I haven't read yet your entry which I will come back and do. I just need your help about something. Yesterday, a girl told me that my kids all looked like me, that they all had round faces, how sweet. I know this wasn't meant to hurt me, but for some reason it did. I am really praying to Heavenly Father about it, well thank you,

Emily said...


Thanks SOOOOO much for calling, it meant the WORLD to me, you are very insightful in figuring out relationships, and your perspective helps me so much! Speaking of I would like to hear what you learned from Sarah, she is so insightful as well. It sounds like a great time you had, home, and it must be so happy to see Laura happily married, what a fun idea a concert was! BTW, I didn't mention when we talked, how I thought how proud Heavenly Father must be of us for this motherhood thing, that I also thought of you and how He blessed you with that just knowing he loves you thing, and I thought of you and wondered if you had to work to feel his love and approval of motherhood, I figured yes, you knew, but also figured Satan flew in enough curve balls at you for you are doing the greatest work, ever. Also, I was wondering if you would like to come visit me at my preschool blog,, and read the thing on the side, it is meant to inspire and invigorate mothers everywhere, to do the job they are already doing, hopefully I encourage mothers to keep up the courage, the fun and joy and stick to itedness to sink in those important principles. You are doing what I am doing, just in a different style, and so if you read the side of my preschool blog, I hope you will really feel that great job you are doing! I am hoping visiting me from moms will inspire them in the ways that float their own boats, and what I provide is just spark, encouragement, love! I want to talk to you again, this time with a Rawl emphasis, because he is a lot like Camp and I could use a little perspective, as you say Camp is hitting less, Riley and I wonder if that be possible for Rawl. :) Love you! THANKS for calling! P.S. I think my love language may revert to its proper order later, but for now, SERVICE is now the top of the list, till that need dies down a bit, and husbands have to be re-educated of the new needs! But talking to you I realized I MUST keep his perhaps new higher needs up there too! ;) We have to constantly assess that together, and thanks for that reminder. Love Em

Valerie said...

Just wondering if there is an ounce of fat on your whole body. You really look great Ann. I love to see how much you enjoy your children.

The White Clan said...

Hey to get the temple pic you need to got to Lee Lou Blogs and she has some different ones. Glad you likey!

Jordan and Jodi said...

Hey Ann...what is your workout schedule like? You could blog about that one day...or have you already and I missed it? This looks like an amazing trip! How fun! :)

Heidi :) :) ;) said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! I love returning home after a trip as well. For some strange reason, my house looks so much prettier and cleaner after I just arrive home from a trip. I should leave more often.

I am jealous that you went to Disneyland. We canceled our trip this year.