Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Five bucks to whomever can guess what this little drawing is a picture of. Yep. You guessed it. It is a rough sketch of my profile. And it's a flattering one. Mom, remember when Laura and Audrey used to tease you for having "Isma boobs?" Well don't you worry. Nowadays I'm right there with you. It's amazing how fast these things can happen. I guess I should be grateful, though, because you see that little curve on my backside? Well, I've worked six long years for that curve. But anyway, that's inappropriate.

Maybe what I should tell you is that we had a great Halloween, too. The kids looked darling and got tons of candy--atleast one ton of which was eaten by Brian and me--and I made two kinds of delicious soup (a new family tradition) and we watched E.T. It was great. And I wore my fake eyelashes, which would have been the coolest part of my Halloween except that my pumpkin turned out to be even cooler.

And Brian kept the Birthday roll going--he turned 30 on the seventh. This year I took him to Eugene and we had a ton of fun--except for the fact that we spent an hour and a half driving around trying to find a hotel just to decide that we would rather keep the money and stay with Jen and Tim instead. But anyway, we went to a fun little steak house downtown and then dancing at one of the U of O's ballroom dance club dances. And then, since we had burned 2000 calories burning it up on the dance floor, we went and got dessert at Applebees. And since the desserts at Applebees didn't quite do it for us, we went and got Pizza Pipeline breadsticks. Did any of you BYU alumni used to get those in Provo? Ohhh, man. So it was totally fun.

Other than that, I'm pretty much just enjoying rolling with my homies. Thanks to Ninja Turtles and Kung Fu Panda, Camp has turned into a karate-chopping crazy man. The other day I was defending myself against him and he told me I was doing pretty well because I was copying his moves. And he has already decorated the entire house with paper snowflakes.

And Jane is doing pretty well at potty training, except that she only has like five pairs of panties so she wears Camp's underwear most of the time. And she's now at the stage where she HAS to pick out her own clothes, which can be interesting. I'll admit that it is not uncommon for my kids to look a little scroungy much of the time, but I do try and draw the line with some types of apparel. You serioulsy wouldn't believe the number she insisted on the other day. It shouldn't have even been in her drawer. That part was my fault. It was a hand-me-down hand-me-down, and I had intended for it to be a costume or something. But one morning Jane insisted on wearing it. As we were getting ready to go to the gym, I told her she'd need to take it off until we returned home, but I soon realized that I was not going to win the battle and that it shouldn't be a battle I should be choosing anyway. So I consented and decided to curl her hair for the first time just to complete the package. Oh, it was so funny.

And Danin is saying "Mama" and "Dada" (sometimes) and has finally birthed the three teeth that should have come down three months ago.

And me? Well, for my birthday in a couple weeks (which is the grand finale of the family birthdays) my mom paid half for some awesome fabric so I'm going to make myself some new bedding. Do I need new bedding? Well, no. But can a girl really ever have too much bedding? I think not.


Rob and Marseille said...

we saw Kung Fu Panda twice and Christopher is quite the ninja too.

Amy said...

Did you get a pic of the outfit of Jane complete with curls? If so, you must post it! I'm dying to see it!

Emily said...


Is Jane's outfit the one she picked herself that you died of? As it so turns out, that would be something I would pick out for my daughters. Funny how backward I am. Or old fashioned or something. I will have to see what you are planning to make for your birthday bed. Making? That's a big chunk of work, have fun and I am sure you'll do great!

Heather said...

Entertaining as always! Congrats on your new bedding. I got my first real bed set (at the store, are you kidding me) and it has been great. PS. Can I get your mom's address? Thanks!