Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Every Who down in Who-ville loved Christmas a lot.
But more than Ann Lacouture? Oh, no. I think not.
For she just LOVED Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
You want to know why? Well, I’ll tell you the reason.
It could be the lights, music, Christmas d├ęcor,
It could be the trees and the wreaths on each door,
But I think the most likely reason of all,
May have been all the presents brought home from the mall.

But whatever the reason, the gifts or the trees,
She stood there at Christmastime loving the Me’s.
She made her wish list at the start of November,
And made it a point to help others remember—
The clothes, shoes and doodads; the make-up, the gum—
Then she pranced around waiting for “Santa” to come.
Which was all good and fine, but the problem, you see—
Was that Ann’s selfish heart was the size of a pea.

And for many a year things continued this way—
(Until recent years—I’m embarrassed to say)
But change slowly did come; one thing, then another—
Getting married, moving far, and then being called Mother.
Yes, little by little her heart started to grow—
And continues to do so—I think you should know.
Christmas, she’s learning, doesn’t come from a store—
Christmas, perhaps, does mean a bit more.

It means being grateful for the blessings I’m given:
Three super cool kids, and a warm house to live in;
For a hard-working husband (with a really strong bod);
For food, friends, and family; and the goodness of God.
It means loving others—yes this is a must—
The way Christ would have us—the way he loves us.

Now I know what you’re wondering: “Does she still make a list?”
Alright! Fine! I do! But the point here is this:
I’M GROWING UP, PEOPLE! And what’s even more—
I even made treats for the neighbors next door!


P.S. Here's a little of our Christmas fun. "Wii" are going to get fit.


Audge said...

We all loved your Christmas letter/poem! It wasn't sappy or traditional, and that's why I loved it! I love all of your pictures that you posted; they are all really cute. Campers, Jane, and Danin look so cute in their matching pajamas. And you look really pretty as usual. I meant to tell you this, but a while ago you put up pictures for one of your posts and there was a picture of you and your kids on what looked like a trail? Maybe leading up to the lighthouse or something? Anyway, I don't think you were wearing makeup and you still looked so pretty! So cut the crap about all this "I look scary without makeup" junk. Haha. Love you. -Audge

Rachel McEwen said...

i loved your poem this year. I was laughing out loud as i read it. YOu are so creative! Thanks for the cute picture. Kennedy has the short sleeve version of the dress jane is wearing:) gotta love Target!

The White Clan said...

I am so very lealous of the Wii fit. I want reviews so I know if it is a "want" or a "must have".
And yes, I too loved the poem!

Heather and Billy said...

LOVE it!!!
And don't you just love the Fit? It's almost worth having just to have friends over and watch them on their first time on it- especially playing soccer. Jill screamed and fell off. We shoulda video'ed it.
Thank you for being so creative and sharing your creativity with us all. =)

Rhyan and Kali's blog said...

Hello there you talented fellow! I remember reading your Christmas card you sent Rachel a couple years ago and laughed! I am glad you had a great Christmas. What are you guys doing New Years Eve? If you are getting together with some friends, maybe we could join you? Just a self invite. Anyway, take care. This is Sonya, signed in with Kali's blog:)

McLeod Clan said...

As always Annie your Christmas poem is a must read. Also, I just looked at Audge's blog. Your family is beautiful!!

Nicole Cave said...

Just wanted you to know that I loved getting your Christmas card...expensive postage and all!! I tend to go overboard with the holidays too. Ashton has gotten better over the years to at least humor me...and somehow we have managed to meet in the middle, but whatever. I guess everyone is different. At least you got your cards out...I am aiming for a New Years card! What do ya think about that!?

Jen said...

Your kids look so cute in their jammies!! Love it. The gingerbread houses look like great fun too. Merry Christmas!

Her Royal Highness said...

So creative, Ann! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas! The kids are adorable & looked like they had a wonderful Christmas, too!
Please enlighten us with more poems like that - I really enjoyed it!

ksdavis6 said...

Ann- You are So lucky that your kids will be going to sleep at 8! My kids want to stay until midnight. I am silly to invite myself over, but I love getting together with you and your family because you are so fun! It helps us not to be so old! ANyway, on that note, my kids invited their friends over to have a party tonight. So maybe soon we can get together. Have fun tonight, and I know I will be to listening to girls and boys screaming and running around, you should send camp over:) Thanks for letting me invite myself and you saying yes.

Valerie said...

Happy New Year. You are looking beautiful as ever. Looks like you'll be having lots of family time with the new Wii. Nice!

Amy said...

Nice....hahaha....tell Brian thanks for providing me quite the good laugh tonight! :)

Anonymous said...

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