Sunday, June 21, 2009

Get This

Do any of you have reoccurring nightmares? Yeah, me too. Mine always have to do with my fake teeth falling out. I wish I could say that these nightmares are the result of the totally irrational fears that plague me, but they are not. Fears that plague me?--Yes. But irrational? I wish. I didn't get my permanent bridge until after my senior year of high school. During that summer, there was a time when I actually had two temporary bridges in my mouth. They had seriously just stuck the teeth in there with what I assume was something similar to denture adhesive. Anyway, one day while I was eating lunch, they straight fell out. And it wouldn't have been so bad except that I had a date that night. (Do you remember this, Meg?) So while I commiserated about what on earth to tell my date, my dad began insisting that i just call the guy and tell him the truth--which i eventually did. Hey. This is Ann. I'm just calling to let you know that I won't be able to make it tonight. My teeth fell out. Yeah, that's awkward. But anyway... I got through it mostly unscathed--except for the reoccurring nightmares. But the reason I'm thinking about this is because I recently had one of those nightmares again, AND because I talked to my dad tonight who told me that my mom's bridges fell out--her PERMANENT ones! Can you believe that? She's down in Haiti/Dominican Republic right now and before she left, she had to get a root canal. Well, the drilling must have gone a little far, because not long after she left the country, her teeth fell out. Unlucky for her, there is no way in HE** she can get them put back in down there. Lucky for her, nobody down there gives a flyin' rip. (Does anyone even know what the heck "flying rip" even refers to, or is it just another one of those phrases that doesn't make sense to me because I've just been hearing it wrong my whole life? ) But man, I just couldn't believe that happened to her. Crazy.
P.S. Because it's Fathers' Day, I'll mention that not lying is just one of the many things my dad has taught me. He also taught me to stand up for the little guy, work hard, be grateful, be brave enough to do the right thing--even when you have to do it alone--just to name a few. I've always known that my dad loves me and is proud of me, and I've always been grateful for that.


Audge said...

What?! Mom didn't even tell me that her bridge fell out! And I knew she might have to get a root canal but she never even told me that she actually got one! I have talked to mom a couple of times since she left and she didn't mention anything about her bridge falling out. She is having an amazing time though...she did say that.
And as for the "flying rip" thing...that sounds like another name for a pommy.
Yes I have reoccuring nightmares. One of which my REAL teeth fall all of the front ones. Bad news.

Tricia Stephenson said...

Hey Ann!
I had to laugh when I read this! I've definitely had the teeth-falling-out nightmares! My bridge fell out and I had to have double root canals while I was on my mission and it took MONTHS (and some really freaky dentist visits) to get it taken care of! I went around with my old bridge stuck in with GUM! And I had to smile really wide so that my mouth would heal right (no one in Ukraine smiles). My bridge would fall out as I walked down the street grinning, and I would chomp it back into place. Anyway, I can most definitely relate!

Laura Hendricks said...

you might have nightmares of your teeth falling out, but my nightmares are the opposite. i am scared my teeth will be permanantly exposed by having my chucky face get stuck in position.

Heather and Billy said...

Sometimes the best part of your posts are reading the comments left by your sisters- not that your posts aren't equally entertaining. =)

Hey- Did you catch this month's Real Simple? There is apparently an actual term for mishearing the lyrics to a song and there's this whole little fun thing on commonly misheard lyrics. Thought of you.

Emily said...

hi Ann.

Wow, I didn't know your mom was in Haiti, is she w/ her sister? How is she? Besides missing teeth. I have day ja vu dreams, but I only remember I've had them before and that they are a re-occuring night mare, when I am in the dream. Camp has grown up so much, he looks like Seth! Strange, I thought for sure he looked like Brian only. Looks like my stalky little rock, Rawl, may grow out of his baby fat a little someday. Right now, I just enjoy his munchy cheeks w/ the dimple, kiss kiss kiss. Except that he always wants to play mean T=rex with sharp sharp teeth. That gets very old w/ both Hazel, and me, and Milly of course. We need another boy in our mix sometime. Well, I moved if you didn't know to a fabulous new house,I have a lot to do and am feeling right now like I can't keep up w/ the extra space, currently everythings a mess but at best atleast two three rooms. Might I add that it has a lot of weeds to chip away at and other yard responsibilities, like a garden!! And fruit trees. :) I am pretty happy, and a just little overwhelmed, just right now. Can't wait till I feel like a few people in my ward love me, then everything will be about perfect..once I kick my temper once and for all. Love you, Em P.S. I am a proud toe nail picker and I will always stand to it being satisfactory, except the injustice that it rips my finger nails because my toenails are like solid rock while my finger nails thought they should be tissue paper.