Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank you (and Mom and Sister Reunion #3)

My friend has expressed to me a couple times how she feels that Facebook and blogs and the like will surely have a largely negative affect on society as a whole--mainly because of the way they are changing the way we all communicate with one another. Namely--they hinder our ability to communicate clearly and appropriately through good ol' fashion spoken word. These days, things are typed and texted (is that a word) that would likely never actually be spoken to a person. It seems the computer (or cell phone ) provides us with some kind of defensive shield to hide behind as we write the things we are too afraid to actually say. Also, these social networks open up a whole new avenue for unhealthy competition--and therefore a whole new breeding ground for hurt feelings, jealousy, self loathing, pride, depression, etc.
And although I would argue that these forms of communication have also allowed us to reunite with old friends and keep track of relatives, etc., I think she is right. While I'm not a big fan of Facebook, I guarantee you I have blog stalked on a number of occasions and found myself wishing I was as skinny as so and so, and as rich as so and so, and as creative as so and so, and as talented as so and so, and as interesting as so and so, and as attractive as so and so, and....yikes, this blogging thing IS dangerous. And I have definitely said things on my blog that I would never have said directly to everyone. Ironically, though, that is exactly the reason I felt so grateful to have my blog a couple weeks ago. The truth is--I love keeping a blog. I love remembering the past and documenting it....and I just really love the writing. I don't (and can't) write stories. I don't (and can't) write poems (well, except for the occasional one in my Christmas letter), and I don't know nearly enough words to write descriptively....I just write my blog. So anyway....thank you for being my friends, and thank you for reading, and thank you for your kind comments every once in a while.
This last weekend was our third annual mom-and-sister reunion, and it was as good as ever. This year we stayed at my maternal grandparents' house in southern Utah, and it was perfect. Their house is just big enough to pack us all in, and just small enough to keep us all together. We went out to eat, did a little shopping, watched a couple movies, played a couple games...but mostly, and most enjoyably, we just talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more. I've said this before, but sometimes it can be kinda sad for me to realize that both of my little sisters became adults without me. I mean, I wasn't there. I always felt like I knew them really well, but in many ways I didn't, and really couldn't, because I wasn't there. So while at these reunions there is always a little sadness in recognizing there are things about my sisters that I never knew, I always feel grateful to now have the opportunity to find out. I love all my sisters (and Kat's one of them) and we all adore my mom. She is the best.
Sarah reminded me of a time when we (at least she and Charley and I) had ridden (could that be the right word? It sounds so weird) our bikes to school--I'm sure I was on my hand-me-down bike with the banana seat. On the way, we braved our way past the usual group of older Jr. High kids. Well, we must have looked at them the wrong way or something, because one of the boys ran after Sarah and punched her in the back. All three of us were horrified and scared to death, and I was balling, of course, and none of us knew what in the heck to do. As Sarah recounted it, my mom (meanwhile) felt a prompting at home that she needed to jump in the car and check on us on our way to school. Finding all three of us in hysterics, she asked what had happened. Sarah told the story and pointed out the perpetrator as flames started shooting out of my mom's ears. She whipped the car around and went and found the bully; and man, she let him have it. She got right in his face and assured him that if he EVER messed with her kids again, her husband would have him arrested.
What a good story. I was so glad that Sarah had pulled that memory out of the recesses of my brain. As Sarah finished telling it, we all chimed in about how in tune with the Spirit my mom has always been, and how she has always protected and stood up for her kids. You mess with us--you definitely mess with our mom.
Funny thing is--my mom was asleep as the rest of us were having this conversation, so I related it to her on our way to the airport on Sunday. She kinda laughed and said that although she wished she had been so in tune with the Spirit to know to rescue us in the very moment of our need, in actuality, we had returned home that day and told her what had happened. And the next day, she had followed us to school and had Sarah point out the mean kid. Ahhh, so what? She DID let him have it. We all remember that part. So it's still an awesome story. Too bad my mom couldn't be there every time someone was mean to us.

Oh, yeah, and you're probably thinking, "Ann, I don't remember your dad being a cop." Yeah, well--what is it they say? Drastic times call for drastic measures?........Yep, they sure do.


Melissa said...

It's fun to look at you and your sibs. All beautiful. All with your own look. Yet still with a clear resemblance.

And on a happy side note, how cool that Janey's hair is getting so long.

Love you.


charley said...

Kat had a great time at the reunion. I vaguely remember the experience with Sarah. I do remember Mom being the kind of woman that didnt take too much crap.

Rachel McEwen said...

Ann, your blog is one of my favorites......I laugh....I cry.....good times.....good times:)

Gia Cobbis said...

Hello! Just blogspotting. Great blog! I bookmarked it.

Happy blogging! :)

Ryan & Brooke said...

Did you up and cut your hair without telling me about it? It still looks amazing... as always. Looks like a fun girls weekend. Janey is looking so grown up next to Danin. Sigh, sob. It happens all too fast.

Emily said...


Mim called and told me your news, I cried through our conversation and all the way through your blog post. I am so very glad to here you are ok, I can't imagine how frightening that would be. I told Mim when I was talking to her how glad I was that Brian was a worthy priesthood leader. And then I read on your blog how you felt the same way, of course you do. :) What a very amazing rich blessing that the priesthood is. Its so strange to me that you've now housed 6 babies. I have thought about misscarriages, and thought what deep losses they would be. Akin to death--just without knowing the idiosincrisies and darlingnesses of the child, but fully feeling the loss. Like you explained, I can't fully understand, my heart does so go out to you and I will pray for you for the next while, ok Ann?
I loved hearing your beautiful testimony at the end there.

I like blogging too, but I definately don't do it for the feed back. I am so boring that I usually have 0 comments, up to 3 sometimes. But the nice thing is I find myself quite clever, so its ok. I am glad your family has such a great time in your girl tradition. I really enjoyed seeing Sarah at Granny's b-day party. I feel the same way about my brothers. The girls have come and helped me through various things, but it is strange to think a sibling and you don't really know eachother that well, because you just weren't in the same house.
I love how your first thoughts were for your mom and how she would feel, I am so glad you are still with us Ann!!! :) :) :)
I love you,

Her Royal Highness said...

Aww, I should suggest to my mom to have a mom/daughter weekend. I'm glad you had a great time!
And you know, we (me & my sibs) tell stories all the time & Mom remembers them differently. It's interesting the different perspectives we all have.

Lisa said...

That looks so fun. I need to get my mom and sisters on to something like that.

Rob and Marseille said...

that's awesome that kat and laura could make it.

Anonymous said...

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