Monday, September 6, 2010


Have you guys all seen Napolean Dynamite? A couple months ago I put it on for my kids to see what they would think of it. They loved it. Isn't that funny?! So they've watched it several times now....Well yesterday, out of the blue, Camp said to me, "Mom, will you bring me some Chapstick?"
"No, buddy, but you can go get it yourself," I replied.
"But my lips hurt real bad," he quoted in Napolean's voice. It wasn't until then that I realized that Camp didn't want Chapstick at all. He just wanted to engage me in a fun Napolean Dynamite dialog. I was totally impressed and laughed for a second before I replied (the best I could in Kip's voice),
"Just get some from the nurse. I know she's got a bunch of them in her drawer."
Camp finished it off right on target with
"I'm not using hers, you sicko!"

Oh, man. What a cool kid I have. That kid's got a memory just like his dad's. I couldn't believe his timing and wit.

Speaking of Camp--his first day of first grade is tomorrow and I'm totally stoked about it. I'm stoked for him and I'm stoked for me. I get to go with him tomorrow for the first couple hours, and I'm feeling like it's my first day of school all over again, too. I wish I had a cute new outfit to wear. Do you all remember all of your first days of school? I remember how exciting it was for me to get a few new outfits for school over the summer and although I would never officially wear them before the start of school, I would line them up on my bed nightly and try them on often... Over several years, most of our school shopping was done at the University Mall in Orem--during our visit to our Grandma Hatch's house. Later on, I remember getting stuff at Contempo. I remember this pair of navy blue Squeeze brand (is that what those things were?)shorts that had white and yellow daisies all over them. I loved them. They were just BARELY long enough to gain my mom's approval, and I wore them with a matching navy v-neck. I was thinking they'd change my life. They didn't.
I have so many memories of being so excited to get new clothes. I remember this one time in elementary school when I was lucky enough to have my mom take me to K-mart to get a new outfit. I chose this ruffly white skirt with stretch pants attached and a baby blue t-shirt. I kid you not--I was so excited to wear that outfit the next day at school that I did not sleep a wink that whole night. I felt sure people were not going to be able to take their eyes off me. Oh, boy...
All growing up, I spent ALL of my money on clothes--I never spent a dime on CD's or fast food or anything else. I just loved getting new clothes. When I worked at the GAP in the Fashion Show Mall my senior year, I'd go over to the neighboring hotel on pay day, cash my check, and head back into the store to spend it on clothes. I didn't make much money working there--or I didn't keep much money, rather. But I got new clothes a lot.
It's interesting how my shopping habits have changed over the years. These days, when I am lucky enough to have a little money to spend on myself, I almost always spend it on something decorative for the house. I care much more about how the house looks than I do about how I look. I would still love to look stylish, but I just don't have the money or time to realize that dream. I shouldn't say that. If I never bought anything for the house, I'd probably be able to dress a lot cuter. But it seriously baffles me when I see other mothers here in Florence who always dress stylishly, because I'm thinking, Aside from anything else, how in the heck are you able to find the opportunity to go shopping to buy those clothes when you have kids? Where are your kids when you are shopping? The few times I have attempted to shop with my kids, I have become so exhausted and overwhelmed so quickly that I've been lucky to get out with a new pair of sweats.
ANYWAY...I'm excited for tomorrow, new clothes or not.

Oh, just one more thing about clothes before I shut up about it, I promise. On Sunday at church, a friend of mine commented to me that her mom had commented to her (did you get that?), "Ann shouldn't wear that shirt she's wearing because it makes her look pregnant." So funny. Luckily for me, I AM pregnant....almost 20 weeks along. Yep. Luckily for me, I am pregnant... :)


Tara said...

Congratulations! Boy or girl?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Annie...I just had this feeling you might me pregnant. I am so happy for both of you. We will be praying for you and this new sweet addition to your already wonderful family!!!

Anonymous said...

OOps..this is Lori Johnson...I don't know why I hit annonymous!

Rachel McEwen said...

Yeah! Congrats Ann so happy for your family!!

Heather said...

Congrats, Ann! So glad to hear it.=) And glad to hear you don't just look fat, ha!

Laura Hendricks said...

haha that's funny that the kiddies are quoting napolean now.
and i remember most of my first day of school outfits as well. one year i got a brand new pair of all white high tops and i loved them so much that i walked around with my knees locked taking baby steps so that the shoes wouldn't get a crease in them wear shoes usually get a crease when you walk normal.
someone called me out on it so i stopped.
excited for the baby!

Ryan & Brooke said...

I love that Camp can recite Napolean. I can't wait to hear it on my next visit.
Yep, that shirt totally makes you look pregnant. Yipee! I've been wanting to call you a lot lately and get my Ann fix but I left my charger in Milwaukee so I am without a phone for awhile. I'll call you when I get it back.

Audrey said...

Haha. I once was so pumped about my new outfit that I was going to wear for the first day of school that the night before I laid out the entire outfit on my floor in my room and put a basketball where my head would go so that it would be "more complete."

So I was a weird child--sue me.

kathy said...

I have a bunch of crazy and very funny children!!!! How did you all come from me when I don't give a damn about clothes???!!!!

Audrey said...

Typical Mom--always taking every opportunity to use a curse word.

nikki said...

Congratulations!! I was wondering when there would be another one. So excited to hear all about it.

Rach said...

I Can't believe you saved that for the very end!!!! Congrats!!!!! I hope you have more time to shop when Camp is in school! ;o)

Emily said...

Ann, I love your Napoleon dialog w/ Camp, hilarious. Priceless. I love that show.
And I guess you better stop wearing clothes that make you look pregnant. :) Ha, what a great comment. She'll be eating her words soon. :)
YEAHHHH I am so happy for you!

april said...

yay -- happy for you!! :)

Jordan and Jodi said...

Yea! Congrats! How exciting! Even with a little time to shop and good kids in the stores...I can't find anything that resembles cute! Maybe when you do get a chance to shop you could take pics of your outfits and tell us where you get them! :)

Also, I wanted to let you and Brian know (in case you didn't) that Ryan Scott is engaged! No dated announced yet.