Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pink Bunny Pajamas

I don't know about all of you, but watching A Christmas Story has been one of our family's Christmas-season traditions. Man, what a classic. But this year, I've wondered at my possible poor judgment in allowing this tradition to be so. Maybe it's his age, maybe it's his being a boy, or maybe it's just his being Camp, but Camp always seems to be the one to pick up the aspects of movies that I'd rather he just leave alone.
This year (or I guess it was last year) was the year that Camp figured out what the F-word is. The F dash dash dash word. In previous years, he didn't understand that part, but this year he managed to piece together little morsels of experience and knowledge with the car trouble part of the movie. He let me know that he now understood what word was being implied. I was thrilled, of course. Thankfully, (and miraculously) he has not used that word yet. And do me a favor in joining me in constant prayers that he never does. I've had a hard enough time adjusting to a husband who says damn and hell all the time. I couldn't survive a son who used the f-bomb.

And that's not the worst of it. The other day while we were at story time at the library, there was apparently a little girl who was kinda whining in an annoying voice. (What am I talking about? Is whining ever NOT annoying?) And so Camp said to her: "You better stop that crying or I'm going to give you something to cry about!" Despite the fact that I was sitting close by, I was oblivious to the situation. Lucky for me (please understand my sarcasm) another mother took the opportunity to kinda freak out and scold Camp. At that point, I asked what had happened and she recited the appalling thing Camp had just said to the little girl (who was incidentally not this woman's daughter) in response to the little girl's crying. I was embarrassed and ashamed and felt completely overwhelmed at yet another situation involving my children's misbehavior--especially because I had been totally unaware of any interaction at all between Camp and this little girl. I called Camp over to me and asked why on earth he had said that to the little girl. He had no good answer, and I insisted he go and apologize. Being that Camp and the other little boys had already been scolded several times (by me and by others) for playing too roughly in the library, my emotional energy tank was in the red zone. Therefore, I had the kids gather up their things and we promptly left. On our way outside, I desperately asked Camp where he had learned to say something like that (his comment to the little girl) and he frankly replied, "A Christmas Story." And then he rehearsed to me the part of the movie where the family is eating and Randy is whining about having to eat his dinner. Camp was only reciting the line Randy's dad gave him in that situation. At that point--despite my still being disappointed at Camp's having said the WRONG thing at the WRONG time--I must say, I was a little relieved. Camp's comment really hadn't been out of malice--just a result of poor judgment. He simply had heard the girl's whining, been reminded of Randy and his potatoes, and completed the scenario the way he had seen it in the movie. My anger and frustration diminishing, I explained to Camp the inappropriateness of his action and reflected a few moments on how annoying Randy really was at that dinner table. :)

Finally, the other day, I walked into the kitchen in the middle of a conversation my kids were having while they were at the counter with a snack. I was just in time to hear Janey say to Camp, "I triple-dog-dare you to jump on Mom's bed when it's made!" Yikes. That's the scariest dare she could come up with? I need help. Seriously. What have I done to my kids?

Anyway, I might just be rethinking our Christmas move list next year. I don't even want to think about what my kids will soon be acting out from Home Alone. Heaven help me.


Heather and Billy said...

What have you done to your kids? You married Brian. ;)

Billy won't let us watch A Christmas Story. He says it's terrible and he hates it.

Laura Hendricks said...

hahha this is so hilarious. i triple dog dare you to jump on mom's bed when it is made. yowza. if i were a mom and my kid had that triple dog dare to act out sometime, he'd be waiting a while. as in, until he was way too old to remember it in the first place. bed's never made=solution.

by the way, since wes and riggs were here this christmas, audge and i took full advantage of introducing all the Christmas classics to those bad boys. they got christmas story, home alone, all the goods.

Miller Family said...

Love your hair lady, so cute, and the tummy! You look hot as a pregnant person.

I'm so sorry I never responded to the comment you put on my blog. If you want to have a little chat my number is 619-540-0505. Would love to talk to you if you have a few questions.

Rach said... least he didn't SAY the F word!

Lindsay said...

So I just laughed out loud. Alot. The "quit your crying" thing brought tears to my eyes I was laughing so hard. I'm actually impressed he used it in the right context. And I would have been mad at the lady for scolding him. Definitely not her place. I don't know how you kept a straight face. He's little. He's not bad. Kids just say crap like that. Please tell me you laughed at some point? It really is funny.
And jumping on your bed when it's made??? Really? I can't believe that was a dare. My kids would probably dare each other to poo on the floor or something. :)
And when Camp finally does drop the f-bomb, don't over react or it will fuel his fire. :)

Asia said...

Congratulations on your new baby!

Kat and Charley said...

Can't wait to see my new nephew! Congratulations!

The White Clan said...

This whole thing makes me laugh! My kids would probably dare each other to run naked up the street or something.
And don't worry he is just a normal little boy, and sadly I know this because mine all do the same crap. And my kids learned that phrase from me, my dad use to say it all the time and I have caught myself saying it on a number of occasions. It really works to get them to stop crying. ;)