Monday, August 15, 2011

I think my head might explode

I've been in a bad mood today. I'm not sure why. I hate when this happens. People don't deserve to have to deal with me on days when I am in a bad mood. I feel bad for all of them. We got a new wireless printer. Actually, we've now purchased three new wireless printers in the last three weeks. I ordered the first one online, only to have Brian remind me that we need one that is also a fax machine and the one I had ordered was not. So I returned it and got one that was also a fax machine. While setting it up, I had a great deal of difficulty getting the wireless capability to work properly. So I called HP tech support and seriously received the best phone support I have ever received. In fact, I think I developed a phone-crush on the guy I was talking to. And he wasn't from India. He was in the U.S.! And he was so wonderful! He understood all of my printer woes and he really wanted to help me. Oh, he was so wonderful...Unfortunately, he was not able to make my new printer work and it was ultimately decided that my printer's wireless card was faulty. Thus, I was advised to return my printer (for the second time) and purchase another model. So I ordered the better model (third one) online and sent Brian to Eugene to return the second one. Unluckily for us, the last four digits of Brian's debt card do not match the last four digits of mine (as printed on my receipt) so Walmart would not return the second printer for Brian. Then last week the third printer arrived in the mail and I finally got around to setting it up tonight. But guess what? It's not working. And apparently the HP tech team that helps with Macs has gone home for the night so I have no one to help me. I think I might poke my eyeballs out. Oh, and this is not why I am in a bad mood, as I am experiencing this problem at the end of my day. This does, however, put me in a worse mood. I'm going to bed.


Audge said...

Gulp. Sounds like a nightmare. I was in a crappy mood today. This guy at work kept stepping on my foot (on purpose) and I was wearing flip-flops and then my foot was all dirty and I about exploded. Like I am talking one of those curse word rants from "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles". It almost came out. Plus, I am really tired. So tired (apparently) in fact, that I fell asleep at work today. Which is saying something HUGE because I have never fallen asleep in a public place. Nope--not work, not school, not church, etc. until today. I was out. Mouth was wide open and everything. And I twitched myself awake.

ANYWAY...(I digress).

I am sorry that you were in a bad mood. Hopefully today was better?

topsy said...

yikes. sorry ann.
like mother like daughter because i know for a fact that mom made friends with a (dell?)tech support guy one time. expect he WAS in a foriegn land and mom needed so much help that with the computer and was on the phone with him for so long that she got to know all about his little family.

Heather and Billy said...

FYI I hate my HP Wireless printer. If you ended up with a great wireless printer I'd love to hear it.