Sunday, September 11, 2011

So we're back to school. Camp is in Second Grade and Jane is in Kindergarden. And I'm not sure who has been more excited--me or Jane. Jane is just one of those kids that is cut out for school. I knew she would love it, and I was right.
Both of them really enjoyed their first days. I remember Sister Avina video recording her youngest boy walking to school while I was growing up and thinking, really? But I happened to have the camera with me while I was waiting for Jane to get off the bus, so I thought, what the heck. :) Notice she was the only one on the bus. Even cuter. Oh, and she finally got her cast off!! So that's that...
You know what one of the hardest things in the world for me is? Being private. It is really hard for me to not tell people the things that are on my mind and in my heart. I think I have a harder time being private than anyone else I know. And because I know that saying too much about my private business is often not a good thing, I have spent a good deal of time analyzing why I struggle with this particular quality. And I still haven't totally figured it out. But I have realized at least one thing--that I much prefer having close relationships with people to just having acquaintanceships. I like to really know people and have them really know me. You know what I mean? I cannot feel close to anyone who does not know what I struggle with, etc., and about whom I do not know the same. In fact, when I have a friendship with someone who does not know about the hard things I have experienced in my life, I almost feel like I am being dishonest. Isn't that crazy? And I just really enjoy feeling close to people. So I really struggle with using discretion with the things I disclose to people. I'm sure you can see how this can be a really bad thing. But anyway...I'm not sure why I am talking about this. Oh yes I do. Because I am struggling with upset feelings right now and my first inclination is to telephone the world and tell them all about it. Not good. Well, actually, my first inclination is to call my mom and tell her all about it. But she is in Texas and I don't want to spoil her trip with my rantings. I know. I know. I shouldn't tell my mom everything. And I don't--not everything. And my mom is really good at letting me know when I am wrong, and I really appreciate that. And I live a thousand miles from my mom, so she only hears about the things that will otherwise render me unable to cope. Anyway, so do you want to know a few things about me? Don't answer that. Here they are, regardless of whether you care to know or not:
I hate having cold/dirty feet so I wear socks almost all the time. (I also do this to help keep my carpet clean as my grandma taught me that the oils in our feet soil our carpets)
I'm very particular about my hair.
I have no real desire to travel.
I love to talk about feelings.
I am left handed, but I use scissors only with my right hand.


topsy said...

YEEEESSS! when you asked if we want to know a few things about you, i had this fear that you would say things that i wouldn't know. and that would mean we weren't close enough. but i'm happy to say i already knew all of those things about you. phew!

rat said...

Ann I just love that you are so open about being so open! I am private or shy I guess and wish and struggle to be more open. Funny how we admire the things in others that we want for ourselves. Thanks for the inspiration...Here I go being open.
I love the smell of food cooking in a house, it feels like a home.
I always sign "I love you" to my family any time we depart from each other...even when the kids leave to ride their bikes around the block. I am not so good at making new friends. I am terrified of thunder.
Always fun to read your blog.

Audge said...

Dah! I can't take it anymore! The pictures and videos are so cute. Skipper crawling. Janie hobbling off the bus. The picture with the four kids looking so cute and Skippy with a huge smile on his face. And the one of you and Skippy! Things that are too cute make me want to do something bash or squeeze someone. And I don't currently have anyone to do that too! Dah!

Oh, and I knew all of those things except for the fact that you use scissors with your right hand.

Diana said...

I love your kids - and you, too!

Janelle said...

And that my friend is why I love you so freaking much! Because I too have struggled with TMI-itis my whole life. And I too have realized that I would much rather be close friends, than just acquaintances. That is why I love you--we always pick up right where we left off, and keep it real! :) Keep sharing, I for one love to listen (or read)!