Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dare I ask What's For Dinner?

Thank you so much, Katie, for your dinner suggestion!  You will be entered in the drawing for the Airwick Scented Oil Warmers.

What's For Dinner?


Heather said...

Creamy lemon wine so good! And not as hard as it looks.=) Plus, it's pretty.

Topsy said...

baked potatoes. doesn't get much easier than that.
You can have all sorts of toppings to choose from too.

sour cream
ranch dressing
bacon bits


Audge said...

Broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl.

Katie said...

I made this recently and was pleasantly surprised. It was a nice change to the typical chowder like soups that my family enjoys. What I would suggest is to make it as it says and then add any spices to you to make it extra better (and to your liking).

Ann said...

Oh, thanks guys! I love you! Katie--which spices would you recommend?

Rob and Marseille said...

tonight we are having homemade hawaiian pizza. i've got some ham in the freezer, so it will be super easy. (and its my fav kind of pizza)

Mim said...

Ann, I always read your blog in my google reader, so I haven't been to your actual site for a while, so when I came over todayI was so surprised to see my button on your sidebar! How very nice of you! And flattering!

I made this the other night and LOVED it. LOVED. I used yams instead of sweet potato, and omitted the parsnips cause who the heck knows what that is? I have another one from Martha Stewart Living that was a great meatless meal, but I thought I'd ask first, do you get that magazine?

Anyway, here's the hash recipe. I just scanned it, and put it in my flickr photos.
Let me know if it works!

Mim said...

Oh important PS.
Allan dID NOT like the hash. AGain, I LOVED it. HE's super picky, and I think was just mentally turned off by zuchini and yams, but just FYI.
Also, I made that recipe that Katie made, and really enjoyed it too. I used green olives instead of kalamata (so pricey!) and it was delish. I will say though, that I thought the olive flavor intensified too much as a leftover, so I would recommend maybe just garnishing with them unless you really like a strong olivey flavor.