Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nothing To Say and Pictures of the House

I'm sure you can guess which pictures were taken by my talented photographer sister, Laura Hendricks (havhouse on Instagram) and which ones I took with my outdated phone.  I am also realizing that I didn't take any photos of the laundry room or powder bath (and of course, none of the upstairs space).  But those spaces have all changed quite a bit, so I'll post updated pictures of them soon.  


Emily Balling said...

Hey Ann! Its gorgeous!!! I love the lockers and bench... cute and very functional. I love the red drawers you re-purposed with all the little things that coordinate so well like the carpet in the bathroom, paintings etc. What's so neat is you guys have worked so hard together, you and Brian, and everything looks so good. Its also special to have special decor pieces from family!!!
I just bought myself Fly Lady book and I have tried to organize through the years but I'm not quite consistent enough to keep it sorta clean. I'm not consistent with directives to the children as each little mess happens or keeping all the systems going! But I'm excited to keep on trying ;) !!!!
One thing I copied from you recently is the joy you explained of inviting guests, SUPER great motivation to clean and alot faster I can clean too when the fire hits the fanny plus so fun to have people eww and aww after your food, so fun. I had a tea party for my birthday and my guests loved my food and decor, (like you mentioned is such fun feedback we never get from our kids) and we ate under Hal's tree, it was drizzling rain a bit and one guest said, "I'd sit in a thunderstorm to have a few peaceful moments without the kids!" :) Emily Balling

Ann said...

Thanks for this fun comment, Em! And thanks for visiting my blog! A peaceful birthday tea party under Hal's tree with a little rain sure sounds magical!

Ann said...
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