Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas cards

My whole life I have loved Christmas cards. I remember that while I was growing up, we would tape every Christmas card to the wall in a sort of Christmas card collage. We didn't care if the cards were from our insurance company or a credit card company or whatever--they were still part of the collage. I'm the same way now except that I put my cards in a Krinkles Card holder thing. Currently, she is waiting to be filled up. Anyway...because I love to receive Christmas cards, I also love to send them out, so if you would enjoy one more for your collage or card holder, leave me your address and I will send one to you!

P.S. You know what's scary? Sneezing while you're driving.


nikki said...

We used to do that too, usually on the closet door in the hallway, which seemed like a good place until you walk by it at a fast pace and all the cards come off. I love Christmas cards...
118 West 111th Street
New York, NY 10026

Emily said...

Hey annie,
you called, and I realized I need to have more faith about something and I will feel better, and I haven't read my scrips yet today. That will help. Your children are so cute, and Danin is especially sweet. I love that pic of you holding her, two beautiful people, you and her and your pic between Christmasy fun things is cute--love your gray sweater!

campblondie said...

I would love one!

41226 W. Granada Dr.
Maricopa, AZ 85238

Lindsay said...

Ann. I want one. 10972 cindy Circle Sandy, UT 84092
PS. I'm soooo glad you have a blog. It's such a great way to stay in touch.
And, I agree sneezing is terrifying while driving. I'm surprised more people don't crash from it! I've tried keeping my eyes open, but rumor has it your eyes will pop out of their sockets!

Ames said...

I love that you really did put the eyelash card in with your christmas cards! Fabulous...... I believe I already gave you my address, but let me know if not. Expect a call from me this week...... love you..... :)

Rachel McEwen said...

I am not sending out christmas cards, because I am sending out baby announcements. I figured I would kill two birds with one will just be after christmas:)

David and Jami said...


David Hansen here. Good to see you are doing so well. If you like to catch up on my life visit our blog at

My wife actually served a mission with your husband.