Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Traditions

So we started a new tradition. We've decided that every year, we are going to take note of the Christmas light displays that we see on various houses, and right before Christmas, we are going to deliver cookies to the house that has the best one. So tonight we went out delivering cookies and looking at lights, and we gave out our first cookie award. We all went up and knocked at the door and the guy who answered was none other than Santa himself. No seriously. The guy looked just like Santa Claus, and when we commented on it, he gave each of our kids a wooden car and handed us a business card that said "Santa Claus" on it. Crazy.

Also, I want to thank all of you who sent me a Christmas card. There is a special place in my heart reserved for each of you. I am especially grateful to my sisters Sarah and Laura for their cards because they were particularly unique and wonderful. Laura made hers from a school syllabus and a verizon pamphlet and Sarah drew and colored hers and it was super funny--a little trailor with sagging lights. Perfect.


familyofthewaves said...

That is a really cute family picture! And you just had a baby? I also like your new tradition and love that it was Santa! Fun for your kids.

Nicole Cave said...

Love that guys are way too funny!!

Danalin said...

I love the tradition - we may copy in the years to come. Hope your holidays were great. How can they not be when you have kids?!

Lila said...

What is an awesome tradition! I think we might have to copy that.
I promise we sent you a Christmas card but it got sent back to us a few days after Christmas and then I got your card, and the most hilarious and fun to read newsletter I have ever received, and realized I had the wrong address. Sorry about that. I never did get around to resending it. But we will send one next year so don't cross us off your list yet.
On the subject, what do you do with you Christmas cards when the season is over. Honestly, I wouldn't be offended if you said throw them away, that seems like the only the only thing to do with them but I have kept every Christmas Card and Christmas letter for the last five years and I seriously don't know why. I mean I love them and kind of do want to keep them but the pile in the box got so out of control this year that I surrendered and threw them away. But I couldn't throw this years away. What am I doing? So I really do want to know, what do you do with Christmas cards?