Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She Will Be Loved

So I was clipping along on the treadmill at the gym today--at a pretty good pace, I might add, and I started feeling like I was going to lose control. No, no, no. I didn't wet my pants--although that wouldn't have been the first time. It was one of those times when I was listening to my music--this time it was She Will Be Loved by Five For Fighting (is that right?)--and I couldn't fight the power of the music one moment longer. My mouth flew open and I realized that I was belting out the song for all the gym to hear. Did I want to die? NO! I felt more alive than I ever have before! It felt so good, in fact, that despite the fact that so many people starting laughing, I continued to sing until the end of the song. When the song was over and I was getting off the treadmill, the old guy next to me said, "Thank you." I'm still not sure if he was thanking me for the song or the fact that I was finally getting off the treadmill, but whatever. It was worth it.

P.S. Ok, Ok. So I exaggerated the truth a bit. Actually, the true part was that I WAS on the treadmill at the gym today, and I WAS listening to She Will Be Loved, and I did WANT to start belting out the song. Can you imagine what that would really be like? Wouldn't it be amazing? I'll tell you what. If I am ever diagnosed with some illness which only gives me a finite number of days to live, you better believe I'm going to be belting out songs at the gym on one of those last days, and it IS going to be amazing.


Janelle said...

Best story ever! I have tears (from laughter) in my eyes! You are hysterically funny! It would be awesome to be that gutsy to just belt it out when you feel it, wouldn't it! I think if I could ever do something like that, then I would really know that I didn't care what anyone thought about me anymore! It would be so liberating!
Loved your Christmas Letter!
I hate urine too! Boys are gross!
I love you! Thanks for the laugh!

Heather and Billy said...

LOL! Billy has sung out loud while listening to headphones many a time and he doesn't think he can sing. I think it's funny and enjoy it though.

kathy said...

Ann, I know, I know, I never write on your blog. I love reading it. I click on it everyday to see if you have written anything new.It makes my day. I love you.....P.S. that song is from maroon5. love, mom

Her Royal Highness said...

I was so hoping that whole story was true! I don't start singing along, but I mouth the words and play the air drums while I'm jogging. I was hoping it was true because it started to give me the courage that I could do it, too. And then I wouldn't be the only wacko out there jogging and singing.
As a side note, I was at work the other morning and in walked my client's daughter while I was singing "Nine in the Afternoon" at the top of my lungs in the kitchen. She just laughed and asked if she could move my car.

Amy said...

haha...oh annie I love you and your blog stories! I was telling my mom the other day that there are two blogs (out of the gazillion that I check) that I know when I read them I will be rolling in laughter. Every time. And yours is one of them! Thanks for always making my day!! Oh, and I almost missed the fine print at the bottom. And the funny thing is, I wouldn't put it past you to really do that, so it was totally awesome and believable! Oh you are so awesome! Love you!

Emily said...

Ann, you had me there and I was so joyous. Tell you what, you are getting old, and the older you get, the more you really can do what you want, thats what I think. I get wierder with each year, and though I too wouldn't sing out at the gymn, too self conscious, I wear funny clothes that I feel great in, and sing Christmas songs out loud in my street at night, after Christmas. When no-ones looking, but I bet when I'm 50 I'll be singing out loud!:) You do lots of cute things that are just you uninhibitinly and always have, which is why I have always loved you, well one small reason.