Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have a medical mystery for you. Does anyone know what the heck is all over Camp's arms? At first it was just a few main bumps that Camp kept scratching, but now it's like a full blown rash on both arms. I don't think it is an allergic reaction because it isn't on the rest of his body (although there are a few bumps that he scratches on the base of his neck in the back). Could it be extreme eczema? Please help!

And I'm just curious--Does every 16-month-old swing on a regular swing (and yelp until I push her higher) and do dog imitations, or is mine just gifted and talented? Yeah, that's what I thought.

And oh my heavens. I had the worst nightmare last night. I dreamed that one of my friends had asked me if she and her family could stop in at our house on their way to the temple this morning (or at least that is what I understood). I told her that would be fine, of course, but when i awoke the next morning (in my dream), I realized that I had somehow missed the details of her request. My entire family room and kitchen were filled with all of the members of her ward who were attending the temple trip--and they were expecting breakfast! Oh, crap! It was only after I totally panicked that I realized I was wearing my g bottoms and a sweatshirt. Oooh, that's cute. And I knew I only had enough milk and cereal for two or three people if I were lucky, so I began to get out the stuff to make waffles. After realizing that I didn't have enough of that stuff either, I sent Brian to the store in the hopes that he would return before everyone had been waiting too long. At some point, one of the youth asked me if they could make popcorn--to which, I replied, "Heck, no!" I knew that forty people, including youth, eating popcorn in my family room could only lead to grease all over my carpet and furniture. Later I realized that the group had brought along a huge carpet and coverings to cover up my carpet and furniture, so as not to dirty them. So nice! Luckily, it wasn't too long after I realized I had accidentally put a bunch of eggs into the drink that I awoke--moaning with relief.
As you would probably guess, this dream reveals a great deal about me. Namely, that my worst fear is having there not be enough food when I've got company over; that I'm kinda particular about what gets eaten outside my kitchen (hence, my kids rarely get popcorn) because I try to protect my carpet the best I can; and third, that I am going to the temple today, and I'm having people meet here to drive up with me.
But anyway, aside from that gruesome nightmare, my week has really been quite good. Brian's and my anniversary was on Tuesday, so we went out to eat here in town and then headed over to Eugene to see a movie, look at TV's at Costco, get Pizza Pipeline bread sticks, and spend the night. Did we leave the kids with babysitters? You're darn right we did! And it was fabulous! And like I said, I'm going to the temple (three hours away in Medford) today with the relief society while Brian stays home with the kids, so I've been pretty lucky.

Oh, and I have a really personal secret to share with you. If this doesn't make you feel close to me, I don't know what will. There is some sick part of me that kind of likes the taste of the flem that comes up my throat when I have a cough. Gross, huh? Maybe even a bit grosser than the fact that Janey has started to eat butter right from the container! Yuck!

Hope everyone else had a good week, too...


Glinda the Good-Witch said...

Those are some nasty looking chicken poxs.

Audge said...

That looks like a bad case of bed bugs. Jk. I don't know what the crap I am talking about. Yeah maybe Sarah is right, those could be chicken pox.
Danin is so cute dang it! She talks?! It has obviously been too long since I have seen her. And all those pictures are really cute. You have cute hair and cute kids. That nightmare you had is crazy.

Heidi :) :) ;) said...

Your nightmare is hilarious. It is funny how dreams can really show our personalities. I am not a huge animal fan, so I have had dreams that friends have brought tigers to my house. Really stressful! :)

Your son's rash looks uncomfortable. I hope you discover its source and cure soon!

Audge said...

I can't stop watching that video of Danin

Sherri said...

Looks like some kind of bug bite, do you guys have chiggers? Sherri

Heather and Billy said...

Hey...did you get the rash figured out? We were out of town but back now and we are the masters of the crazy skin around here. Call me if it's still there.

Amy said...

Ahahah.....I think that is quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen and heard! Who taught that darling little girl to pant like a dog? funny! And the second funniest part is how proud of herself that she is! Oh, man, that just made my Sunday. That and your awesome commentary and blog-writing. Thanks for all the entertainment, and hope the temple was great! :)

Diana said...

Poison Oak? Wish my grandson talked as well as Danin - and he's older. He's a boy, though. They don't talk like girls do.

Lila said...

I love your posts, you always make me laugh but then the flem ting grossed me out. Oh well, you always keep it real and I love that.
Sorry about Camps arms. Yikes!
Oh and you are so lucky to have a handy man husband. I think that is awesome that he has that talent.