Monday, August 10, 2009

Is your mama a llama?

Oh, man. I hate when this happens. I wait too long to write, and then when I finally commit myself to doing so, there is far too much to say, and far too little energy to do it. BUT (deep breath), here goes.
We just got back from our vacation to Vegas/Utah..........

Nope. I definitely do not have the energy to chronicle everything we did and tell you all of the reasons I love our families. I'll just have to let the pictures do the talking. Just know that we had a great time. As always.

Oh, and for possible future genealogical reasons, (and because these people are not pictured) I'll mention that in addition to visiting and enjoying both Brian's family and my own, I also got to visit with Chels, Rachel, Malinda, Meg, and Leela. So fun.

Where do we get our moves? It's in our blood, people.
It's such a shame that Chris Brown is a girlfriend beater.

P.S.S. Merritt and April are moving back to Utah (April and the boys are already there), which is not my favorite story for countless good reasons--mainly, I have really come to love, respect, and appreciate Merritt and April for all that they have contributed to our lives here and I will miss their family terribly. I really do want to say that I hope things work out marvelously for them back in Utah, but I just find myself hoping that somehow, sometime, they will end up back here. (Don't worry, though, April. I will make sure that my prayers are unselfish.) Anyway, the ONLY good thing that has come out of the Mitchell's move so far (for me, anyway) is that I got the maroon sofa chairs that they had never had the opportunity to reupholster. So I'm getting the chance, and man, I can't wait to get started. With some great fabric and the help of my friend GayLynn, these puppies are going to be amazing. Stay tuned.


Audge said...

It's about bloody time! At least when you go a month without writing another post you have a lot to write about when you write a new one. I could go a year without writing anything on my blog and still have nothing to say. Dude, seeing you and mom dance is one of the funniest things in the world, especially because you are listening to Chris Brown. And yeah it is a shame that he beat up Rihanna. Cause that man can dance. But because he's abusive I am forced to despise him. I put some pictures on facebook of your'll have to go check them out.

Laura Hendricks said...

i miss you guys already! those chairs have some serious potential i can't wait to see the end result. i found an old video of john and i dancing. . . maybe i should post that sucker

McLeod Clan said...

It was so good to visit with both you and Lila. Girlfriend time like that is always theraputic!

Laura Hendricks said...

blog already. would ya? and about those boots.. .i want pics.