Sunday, August 23, 2009

White trash

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a little white trash. My kids are often dirty with messy hair in public (heck, I am dirty with messy hair in public all the time) we don't care about germs, we love to make poop jokes, etc. But, man! Have any of you been to a county fair lately?! HO. LEE. COW! It is super hard for me to not be judgmental at a fair. I especially have a hard time not judging those people who walk around with a bright pink, 10 foot-ugly lookin' stuffed dog that they probably won for the equivalent of $89.95. I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Like I said--it's hard for me not to judge--so hard that it's probably better for me to just avoid fairs all together in the future so as to avoid the temptation to do so. I'm feeling guilty just writing this. But anyway...we went to the Lane county fair yesterday with Jen and Tim and then they treated us to pizza for dinner. (The picture with them is actually from last weekend, though.)It was super fun. And before I met up with everyone at the fair, Brian gave me some time to myself to go look for some fabric for my chairs--or my chair, rather. I only ended up ordering fabric for one of them because I can't afford to do them both right now. Remember back in the day when sewing your own stuff used to be so cheap? Anyway. Oh, my heavens. I am so excited about the fabric I ordered. I have been torn because on one hand, I have wanted to get fabric that will be practical and super durable and not too trendy. (These chairs are going to be TONS of work for me so I want them to look great for a LONG time.) On the other hand, the chairs are not going to be worth my time and money if they do not look totally awesome. SOOOOOO, the fabric I chose is an awesome color green, but in 100% polyester-- so it will clean up easily and hold up to our family circus. AAANNNDDD, I got some awesome accent fabric to make a big toss pillow, too. You know what is so cool about these chairs? They are so deep that I will be able to put a toss pillow on each of them and people will not have to throw it off in order to have room to snuggle in! I know, cool. (I'll show pictures as soon as I can.) So anyway, now I just need to order some new turned feet off of ebay and keep working. Oh, and guess what? I cleaned my carpets. Don't forget to remind me to add clean carpets to my list of 31 favorites for my party this year. I seriously LOVE clean carpet. I love to vacuum anyway, but I especially love it when the carpet is new or like new because you've just spent hours cleaning it. I've taken my mom's advice and only used boiling hot water right off the stove in the cleaner, and after each round of adding soap, I go over it again with just the boiling water--and man, it looks good. I got a new rug to protect the carpet in my corridor of a hallway and before I put it down, I wanted to make sure that the carpet to be protected was nice and clean. But enough about stuff that doesn't matter and won't go with me when I die...

I've decided it's time Camp starts earning his keep around here.

Actually, for the last week or so, Camp has been bugging me about running a lemonade stand. So finally on Friday, I went and got some lemons and we made us some lemonade. Jane became discouraged that she didn't have any lemonade to sell, so I suggested she take a business lesson from her uncle John and draw some pictures to sell along with the juice. Oh, man. These are the moments when nothing in the world is more rewarding than being a mom.

P.S. Here's just a little bit more. I need to document that fact that Danin is an amazing talker. Last night at the pizza place, a woman came up and said to Brian, "How old is your daughter? She just came up to me and asked (pointing to the carousel) 'Will you turn that on for me, please?'" That girl...

And lastly--like my garage sale find?


Laura Hendricks said...

ACTUALLY yes i have been to a fair lately. last thursday in fact. and yes w.t. is an understatement. and yes i love that garage sale find! i want some red ones!
so how much bacon did camp end up bringing home?

Jen said...

I don't think there's a fair in Oregon that isn't white trash! It was super fun to hang out with you guys though! Come back again, we'll go and do something...not so white trash!!!

Brian Stucki said...

I always, always make it a point to stop at lemonade stands. Kids pour their whole heart into those things and it makes their day when they get customers.

Plus, the lemonade is usually nice. =)

Heather said...

Your carpets look wonderful!!! Blake is also a clean carpet conoseiur. He is the master, which is good for me.=) And you don't look messy and your kids don't either!

Ryan & Brooke said...

What the heck is all over Danin? I would guess food of some sort. What are you going to do with the boots? I love that runner. That's a pattern I've looked at so many times. Good choice!

Audge said...

Hmm, the last time I went to a fair was about two and half years ago in Logandale, and I had forgotten about it until I read your blog what does that say about the fair? That I probably tried to block that ghetto WT memory out of my mind. Ok I am kidding I am sure it wasn't that bad.
Danin is bloody smart. She reminds me of myself. Ha!
Jane is bloody cute...also reminds me of myself.
And Camp is bloody strong (referring to that picture of him flexing)...which...also reminds me of myself.


Alright, like I always say...


Kat said...

Charley says: "What the garbage is P.I.T.N?"...but I do know my personal favorite...H.H. and H.O.R.

Audge said...


Dude Charley...get with the prog.

P.I.T.N. means

Peace in this nation.

And that is fetching nast.

HOR??? SICK. I despise those stupid dad terms.

Janelle said...

First of all, can I just say that I LOVE your whole family! The comments were almost as entertaining as the post this time! So funny!
Love Camp's lemonade stand! You and Brian look great! Don't worry, we do our fair share of white trash. Especially when Taryn sneaks out the front door in just her underwear! What to to?
I have formulated a plan! I really want to visit you and I really want to learn how to reupholster furniture. I don't think we could make it out for the first chair, but maybe by the time you get material for the second one we can swing some plane tickets to come hang out in Oregon! And you can teach me ALL your decorating tricks! Let me know what you think! (So bummed we missed you guys in Vegas!)

Laura Hendricks said...

H.O.R!?!? ahahaaaahahahha.

Audge said...

Yeah it is the R in H.O.R. that makes me want to farb the most. Hahaha soooo stupid. Ann, if you don't know what we are talking about...just call me and I'll tell you.

Miriam said...

Ann, I am SO excited to see those chairs all done! I scoped them out when I was up there last summer. And where did you get the fabric? Does it have a print? I have a chair that I bought on craigslist that I'm planning on reupholstering someday, but I can't figure out what fabric to use. Fab/functional is the big dilemma. I want it to be gorgeous, because I really love the chair, but it also has to stand up to kids etc. So I'm so interested to see your choice.
Please tell me about how you clean your carpets?!? I'm in desperate need over here, but I can't afford to pay a professional, and I've always been dissatisfied anyway because they just get dirty so fast. Last time I used a rug doctor, and I cleaned those suckers til doomsday, but I also ended up SOAKING the carpets, and so they stunk like old laundry, and took forever to dry. So, I'm in a bad way. ANy tips??
And do you use cleaner then? Or just water?
And ps I glory in my whitetrashiness.

Nicole Cave said...

I always think the Clark Count Fair is gross, but we still seem to go every couple of years. Each time I find myself saying, I feel gross though. I do like the rodeo though.