Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not Yet

You're not going to hear me complaining about how stores start putting out Christmas stuff in late September. What bugs me is when stores start start closing up Christmas-shop (so to speak) before Christmas is even here! Do you know what I mean? The other day, I drove by the place where we buy our trees every year and they were already taking down the section where all the biggest trees had been! Don't they know that lots of people don't get their trees until after the 15th of December? (Not me, of course. Mine went up on the 27th of November and the 1st of December (my b-day) But still). And although I was delighted when I got my December issue of BH&G in mid-November, I almost felt offended when I found the January issue in my mailbox so soon. And why are they already clearancing all of the Christmas decor stuff everywhere? It's not over yet, folks! Can't you show the most wonderful holiday of the year a little respect? INcredible.


Jen said...

I completely agree. Because I'm one of those procrastinators who NEED stores to still have ribbon and and cute decorations I think I need right before Christmas!

Bethany said...

A few store I went to already had out Valentines stuff. Can you believe it????