Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ok. Get this! Right now, Allegiant air is offering $9.99 one way tickets (a total fare after taxes and fees of $55.00) for the weekend of February 4th (Thurs.) thru the 7th (Sun.) from Vegas to Eugene. I have NEVER seen a fare this low, so I'm going crazy with excitement. I'm thinking girls' reunion! SO...any of you who have ever been interested in visiting the Oregon Coast, or any of you who have no interest in the Oregon Coast, but you want to make me super happy--this is the chance of a lifetime. By the way--food and lodging will be included :)

If none of you come, I will understand (but I'll be a little sad), but if any of you would like more details, call me or email me or something.

You have to act fast because Allegiant's fares change constantly!

I can't believe I'm doing a "Come visit me" infomercial. Wow.

Anyway....I would LOVE to have you!

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McLeod Clan said...

went on to book it and it said one way was 49.99.