Friday, June 18, 2010

As You Wish

You know what's awful? So many times, I find myself being tempted (and giving into the temptation) to teach my kids things that really aren't appropriate. For example, last Halloween I couldn't help teaching my kids the rhyme that had such an impact on my childhood: Trick or treat? Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat... and you all know how it ends. But I just couldn't help myself. I knew my kids would love it, and they did not disappoint. I wondered at my discretion afterward, but the reward was so great....And then several months ago, as my kids engaged in constant boys-vs.-girls battles, I couldn't stop the words from coming out of my mouth: Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider! Girls go to Mars--to get more candy bars! Oh, the vindication! But really?! As mothers we often worry about what naughty things our kids might pick up from other little rascals, but at the rate I'm going, kids won't be allowed to visit our home for fear of what they might learn from me. I hit an all time low recently when I taught Camp the words to I Like Big Butts (not all of them, mind you--yikes!) Camp was watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on which they had some kind of parody of that song, and I just couldn't resist educating him on its origin. Why did Bill Nye of all shows have to choose that song to parody, anyway? It's not like they don't know it's going to be a throw back to any moms in the room who will then surely be tempted to start reminiscing with their children. Ahhh!
But anyway, the point is--I'm getting out of control. I'm thirty-one years old. This shouldn't still be an issue. At least I didn't teach Camp to ask someone to pull his finger. He learned that on the bus. I just explained it later. So I'm not beyond hope.
Other than that....
Brian completed his second marathon a couple weekends ago--this time up in Newport. Two years ago, I couldn't get him to run the Rhody 5K with me and now he's doing marathons. Crazy.
Janey Mac Darling graduated from her first year of preschool on Thursday--hopefully not the greatest of the achievements of her life--but seriously fun all the same. She sang and clapped and looked adorable the whole time. And she got straight A's on her report card--mostly A+'s even. What can I say? The girl knows how to write her name and draw circles. But that's not all! As of last Saturday, Janey is officially riding her bike sans training wheels. I came home from my stake meetings to her cruising down the road all padded up with a big, giant smile on her face. And oh, man! It took everything in me to not just jump out of the car and eat her!
And Dan got her first big-girl bike with streamers and all that, and she's just as delighted to be riding for the first time with training wheels. It's so fun to helmet each of my kids and send them out the door to go around the circle by themselves. And Danin has said some funny things lately. The other day she came up to me and asked, "Mom, do you know where the heck is Janey?" And then she added, "Mmmm...I smell something delicious!" And when I noticed her picking her nose recently and asked her what she was doing, she replied, "Just looking for the treasure." Well then, by all means...
And Camp? Sigh.....Well, the battle continues... but I'm not going down without a fight--or with a fight, rather. I WILL figure this out. I think it is getting better--even if it is just my losing control that is happening less often. That's the biggest part, really. But I've had lots of wonderful moments lately with Camp, too. We went for a picnic lunch the other day, and while at the park, I assisted Camp in his first running catch completion. (What would they call that? I threw him the football while he was running, and he caught it...hmm...anyway...) And he was thrilled and insisted I take a picture of the victor. And last Friday I got to attend his end-of-the year field trip to Sand Land Adventures where we got to enjoy a dune buggy ride all over the dunes. He loved it and he was excited to have me there, which sure made me feel good. Maybe I haven't screwed everything up quite yet. And his end-of-the year program wasn't any less wonderful. You know that little "Fingerprints" poem kids always bring home during their first years of school? Well, his class sang its equivalent--with actions and everything--"remember that you were once small like me"...and I was left feeling sufficiently humble and grateful to have my boy. And tonight was a special night for Camp and me, too. We and the girls went over to the tennis courts after dinner and then we went home and dragged pillows and blankets into the family room to watch The Princess Bride. I thought of it recently and just knew Camp would love it. And you know that feeling you get when your kids are just about to run out to see the booty on Christmas morning? Well, I got to experience that feeling all over again throughout practically the entire movie. Camp was loving it so much, he couldn't even keep seated. Toward the end, my heart even got caught up in my throat as I watched Camp watch the last of the sword-fighting scenes. He AB-solutely loved it. As the credits rolled and the music played, he ran to his room for his carrot bats to challenge me to a duel. So fun...
So that's it. Mostly. There will be more news later.
We're headed to Vegas next Wednesday for a dose of some much-needed vitamin D. And we're driving this time. Wish us luck.


charley said...

Yes! We're pumped for the vacation. Let the festivities begin!

Audge said...

Ditto to Charley's comment!
Ann I loved this post. I can't wait to see you guys.


Oh wait...that means that Seth is leaving soon. NOOOOOOOOOOO

Laura Hendricks said...

the party will be waiting for you. it starts the moment i fly into vegas, yo

april said...

don't feel bad -- my kids have picked up the term:
"that's what she said"

awesome. :)

Danalin said...

I love your posts, Ann!

Emily said...

Hey Ann,
What great times you've spent with Camp, I know that means the world to him and makes the world of difference in his life, Milly is also a quality time kind of girl. I could always do better in that venue, but I am trying to slow down and spend some time in that which she wants to do.
Ann I wish you'd read the Edison trait with me. Skipping that part of the diagnosis determining if you child has the "Edison Trait", psychology bogusy part, it has so much good stuff I'd love to have someone to discuss about it who can relate to what I am going through. One of those things is spending time just 'being' with your child and not 'doing', like you are with Camp already...which is what has encouraged myself to slow down and to just be with her.
And by the way I taught my kids to pick their nose, but to roll and flick. And not to lick! But they do lick, that part wasn't me. Or I said wipe it on the carpet....see I am awful!
Have fun getting your vitamin D.

AJ said...

Hey there! I am somebody from Brian's home ward, tell him hi from me. I teach my kids naughty things too, isn't that horrible? Anyway my husband ran Newport too!! And I think I saw you and your kids at the finish line but I thought "What are the odds? It can't be them" So I didn't say anything!! What a dork I am. Anyway we must chat more. I see you know the Zahlmans in Corvallis. We're living in Salem... find me on Facebook!
- Annalise (Gremlich) Jones

Laura Hendricks said...

post again already would ya?