Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I guess it's been a while

Yikes. I'm not sure I've ever gone this long without writing before. And now I feel journal guilt. I hate rewinding.

We went to Vegas and Utah for a few weeks. It was a great trip, as always. The kids had a ball with their cousins and in the water, and I LOVED (and always do love) getting to spend time with my sisters and brothers and sisters and brothers in law. My favorite times with either family are when everyone is together, sitting around talking or playing games or whatever.

There was one night at my parents' house when a bunch of us sat around for a while playing Balderdash and laughing and telling stories, and I was so happy to be a part of it. I think it was the next night when a few of us were still up-- trying (unsuccessfully) to get another fun night going, when Laura slid the following note across the table to Audrey.

So funny. I still laugh when I think of it. (I kept the note and now use it as my bookmark. I'm currently reading The Book Thief. Any of you read it?)

Anyway, during the trip, I even got to meet relatives that I'd never gotten to meet before--Brian's grandma Gigi and uncle Chuck, and nine new cousins on my mom's side. My aunt Becky adopted nine Haitian boys several years ago, and I finally got to meet them.

One of the highlights of my trip was getting to spend the last four days at Sarah's house. It was the perfect end to my trip because no matter how wonderful a vacation is, after about 2 1/2 weeks, it becomes hard to be away from home. The day before going to Sarah's house, I had gotten to that point. I called Brian sobbing. What was so wrong? Oh, who knows? I was just at that point; you know what I mean? But anyway, being at Sarah's house couldn't have been more relaxing. The kids played and Sarah and I just enjoyed one another's company. One of the days we were there, we were able to go to my cousin Ben's wedding reception. It think it was the most unique reception I have ever attended. It was up in a canyon and they had a tin foil dinner buffet. My other two cousins were dressed as hobos and just hung around the fire all night, tending the dinners. Pretty fun.
Anyway... upon arriving, Sarah and I realized that we hadn't put together anything in the form of a gift (we had been running errands and taking the kids places all day). No matter, though. I just scavenged around my endlessly messy van and found a homemade but blank-inside-thank-you card that Camp had made in church on a previous Sunday, wrote a quick note inside and stuffed it with the few dollars we had on hand between the two of us. Bet none of you got a child's thank-you note for your reception. We were so proud of our cleverness. We sat there in the van laughing at our gift and the note inside for at least five minutes. Like Brian always says--no one really cares about the card, anyway. It's all about what's inside that matters. Brian and I are always calculating how much more money a couple could collect if people just forewent the lame little lovebird cards in lieu of a simple envelope from the junk drawer, and just gave the couple the 3 bucks they would have spent on the pointless card. But anyway....

Now I'm back to real life, and to be honest, real life isn't super wonderful right now. But don't you worry. The silver lining to this little rain cloud is that our circumstances have allowed me to come up with the idea for this year's Christmas letter. What more could a girl ask for?
P.S. Oh, and guess what?! While Laura and her husband John were in Vegas, John tried out for the Blue Man Group and made it!! He starts training at the Blue Man headquarters in New York in September and then after two months he'll be assigned a location. See Laura's blog for all the details.


kathy said...

Oh Ann, you always make my day when you write your blog! What a funny picture of dad, actually of most of us. I miss you and will call you when I get home...Love, mom

Laura Hendricks said...

haha ann it's about bloody time you posted but it has been well worth the wait. that was a good post, and tons of great pics. i'm totally with you on the card thing. you almost never find a cool wedding card, and they just get chucked anyway.

alright you have reminded me/inspired me that i must do a real christmas card this year.

charley said...


Kat and Charley said...

Love the post!! Couldn't help but laugh my head off. I'm with you, Laura and Brian on the card thing too.

Laura, I loved your Christmas card last year... very creative

Heather said...

Ok, I am not part of the family, but it was so dang funny, I had to say something!! I know what you mean about two weeks of vacation and I loved The Book Thief. And you are so funny.

Emily said...


It has been SOOOO fun for me to read your sweet comments and compliments on my blog. Its like Mim said, nothing is better than a compliment coming from Ann!
:) How fun it sounds hanging out with Sarah, I wanted to do that before I left and with all the crunch I only got to my own family in spending time. I wish I coulda been with you but it must have been the best sister time. Sarah is so much fun to be with!
Ben's reception sounds so matching of him, and your card actually sounds PERFECT to match! It'll probably be the one card they do keep and scrap book! :0
I heard about John being a blue man, and can I say....perfect fit! Congrats to him and Laura!
I LOVE Laura's note, how funny complete with freezer burn icecream. lol.
:) You, Sarah, Audge and Laura are such beautiful woman you just knock my socks right off.
Well, it looks like just a grundle of fun you had, and I am glad you got a brilliant Christmas letter idea. You know I just thought a few days ago, that I might try one of those...Riley and I were doing email ones, maybe it will amount to that again after a repreif sp? through law school, but I was thinking, we might do New Year's letter, you know thouroughly after New Year's and before Valentines day when there's nothing but snow to see, and nothing to look forward to, I will mail out an awesomely clever letter????? Hmmmm....whatcha think: ;) wink, love Em

Heather and Billy said...

What the crap?! I am OBSESSED with Blue Man Group. I love them. *(AREYOUREADINGTHISLAURA?)* I tried to get Michael to try out for them because he was here in town when they were doing those tryouts.
Anywho...It was fun to see you and I wish I got to see you more. I want to move to Oregon. No, really, I've looked into going back to school and moving by you just because I think you're so cool. ;)
btw- You have me beat. I haven't written for even longer that you. Someday...
Every time I read your blog though I do find myself insanely jealous of your family. I know y'all have been through some tough crap but you're so blessed to be so close. I wish I had that. Maybe I will go invite myself to just hang at Sara's.
Oh...and I love 'The Book Thief'. Very different but very good.