Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Past and Camp's Room "After"

I have a bunch of stuff in my head---like how hard marriage is even when I am totally in love with my spouse, and how I always feel a little bit trepidatious when I find out someone is getting married because I hope he/she knows the work he/she has ahead of him/her; and how I think I have figured out Janey's love language ( I think it may be gifts!), and Danin's is definitely physical touch; and some other stuff, too.  But I'm tired.  It took too dang long to upload all these stinkin' pictures and stuff.   And they're like two months late now, but I want them to be part of my personal history.  Because Christmas trees are important to me.  So anyway...

The Christmas Tree I decorated for a fundraiser for my friend's daughter

'Twas the night before Christmas....

And this is what my kids are doing while waiting for Santa to come....

Did I tell you I preserved my own boxwood this year and then made these wreaths?  Not perfect, but not too bad :)

Driftwood tree

The eagle has landed.  Santa Came

One of the best Christmas gifts ever:  a family portrait painted by my Janey Mac.

After Christmas Steals

Got these pillows at HomeGoods the day after Christmas for 1/2 off.  Yay!

The after party.

I fulfilled a childhood dream this  year by making my own gingerbread house.  We each decorated a side and then stood the house.  This is right before demolition.  

And after.

This IS in fact the picture we sent out with our Christmas letter (which follows).  I know.  We're all photogenic.

Dear Family and Friends, 

Man, I’ll tell you what.  Thanksgiving’s having been late this year really screwed me up big-time.  No matter how much I’ve hustled to get everything done, I’ve still felt a week behind in all of my Christmas projects this whole month.  And the fact is--I have been a week behind--at least in comparison to last year, when Thanksgiving was a full 6 days earlier.   The thing is, decorating is a big part of Christmas for me.  And when Thanksgiving falls early, I have plenty of time to decorate my trees and house--without cutting into the time when I should really stop thinking about my trees and start thinking of others. So if my front room tree dies super quickly, for example, I still have time to indulge myself by undecorating it, throwing it out into the yard, and redecorating a new one--without feeling guilty that I am not yet embracing the true spirit of Christmas.  As it is--or as it was (on the 10th of December)--with each light I restrung and each bulb I rehung, I kept thinking about how I should have been taking bread to a widow or at the very least reading a Christmas book to my kids.

So I’ve decided something:  in the future, when Thanksgiving falls late, I will start decorating for Christmas before the turkey comes out of the oven.  I’m sure Thanksgiving will understand.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are friends, after all.  The spirit of the first naturally prompts and enhances the spirit of the other, so to me--it’s all just one big happy season, for which I should be able to decorate whenever I please.  (Inhale.....siiigggghhhh....)

So other than that, this has been a decent year.  We have a good life and continue to learn new things that will make life better.

Brian has learned that it takes all kinds of different people to make things happen properly.  

Camp has learned that fourth grade is horrible, that Nolan and Ryder don’t like watermelon, and that if you fall into frozen water, you need to immediately remove your clothes and start a fire.  (Thankfully, he did not learn that last pearl through experience. :) )

Jane has learned how to do a back walkover and that ‘cian’ makes a shun sound (a sound that she is not yet able to pronounce).

Danin has learned---well, actually, Danin refused to tell me what she’s learned.  Man, that girl is feisty!

Skip has learned to identify Jesus and that on Christmas Eve, Ho Ho Ho will come and bring “yot of presents and put tandy in his tocking.”  Oh, yes he will.  Lots of it.

And I have learned--among other things--ahem--see first paragraph above--that I MUST learn to not always say so much.  My need to verbally hash everything out is indeed a dangerous weapon that has beat many a poor horse (and kids and husband ) to death.  Hmmm....So while everyone else has actually learned something, I’ve just learned what it is I need to learn.  Does that even count?  Oh, geez.   

So anyway...  I have five days left to cram in all the good deeds, cookies, caroling and fun with my kids that I can, and I am committed to leaving my trees alone.  Wait...is that ornament crooked?...

Merry Christmas, everyone.   We love you.



P.S.  For Christmas, we all got rhinoplasties.  What do you think?! :)

And at some point I decided to repaint these night stands again--much to Brian's disgust.

....And after...  What do you think?

And now that it is totally anticlimactic, here is Camp's room after I did a little to it.  I couldn't even find a 'before' picture.  Lame.  Just know it was a lot uglier.  This room could obviously use a lot more:  crown moulding, first of all (I wonder if I'll ever get crown moulding up in my house?) and another shelf to hold books that could go under the one above the desk.  And other stuff....but like I said.  It's better.  Way better than it was before.  And do you love these beds?!!  Brian is seriously amazing.  I LOVE them.  The pulls are from IKEA.  


Audge said...

MIND BLOWN ONCE AGAIN. Love all the pics--your photography skillz have gotten pretty good and everything looks amazing! Loved seeing your house over Thanksgiving.

Can't wait for the girls trip! Weee!

Heather said...

It's gorgeous!! You have inspired me and I finished some DIY stuff. One step at a time right? You have such a cute family:)

chanel said...

Um...HI? I have tried to find an email to contact you but didn't find one. So, this probably seems totally WEIRD, but I found your blog on pinterest for your family feud game back like 2 years ago. And you were so funny and cute and interesting i had to keep reading and have been AMAZED!! Your home and sense of style are INSPIRING!!! You're funny and then I about died when I saw you live in OREGON! I moved to OR about 5 months ago and to be honest Im struggling. You make it look so GREAT living here and Im hoping this was one of those "meant to be" things that I found you and you can give me some insights on making life here fabulous.
If you aren't totally freaked out and wouldn't mind giving me a cyber shout my email is chanelkathleen@gmail.com

Im an LDS mom of 4 kids, I like eating and pretend to be a runner, which I wish it were the other way around...but its not. I love throwing parties and think being a mom is the bestest job in the whole world. Hopefully this puts any, "is this crazy person for real?" thoughts aside for you. Unless Im really a creepy stalker hiding behind the best description ever...which Im totally NOT. So...I think you mentioned you need to learn to not say everything on your mind? We are kindred spirits!!