Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Girl, Gain Goo

I'm recording this here for fear of otherwise having it lost forever in the past.

Last night Janey got into my our bed to read because Danin's music was distracting her.  After she fell asleep and I moved her back into her own bed, I noticed  I had accidentally left a few small Christmas gifs on my bedroom floor that she had likely seen.  So tonight I pulled her aside and asked her if she had seen the gifts.  I asked her to be honest with me.  She said she had not seen them.  But when I went into my bedroom later, I found the following note from her on my floor:

Mom when I was reading in your bed I did see some presents but I forgot what it was, I promise.  I said I hadn't seen any because I thought you would get mad at me    please forgive me  love, Jane.

Oh, man, was my heart swelling.   I went and got a note card of my own and responded:

Gain Goo!
I got your note.  I am so proud of you for telling me the truth!  That is a very hard thing to do!  I am not angry at all.  I just feel so proud and grateful to have such a wonderful daughter.  I love you.  Love,  Mom.   

I will put the note in her lunch box for tomorrow.  Probably with a treat.  Because I really couldn't be more proud.  Love that girl.

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