Thursday, April 23, 2009


My Dad used to tell us how common it was to have people in court (while testifying to exonerate themselves of the crime being prosecuted) incriminate themselves in another serious crime. For example:

My dad: Were you in the Madison home when this beating took place?

Witness (or suspect): No, sir, I wasn't. How could I have been there when I was busy robbing the bank on Fifth and Ivy?

Incredible, but not so incredible that my kids don't do the same on a regular basis.

This morning as I was lying in bed, Jane rushed in crying to tell me that Camp had hit her in the eye. Camp soon followed, yelling, "Liar! I didn't hit you in the eye. I hit you in the cheek!"
It wasn't ten minutes later that Camp came running to my room to say that Jane had called him stupid. This time it was Jane who yelled, "Nu uh! I called you stupid boy!"
I'm glad we're all getting our details straight.


kathy said...

I miss my grandkids! Love, Dona

Bethany said...

hehehe, yeah, and it doesn't really change as they get older - LOL!

Danalin said...

That's hilarious.

Heidi :) :) ;) said...

At least they are honest! :) So cute!

Lila said...


Luell said...

Ya gotta love it!