Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blogging? I feel the same way that Camp felt yesterday when I was trying to help him go potty. We were unable to efficiently get his "potty" untangled from his shirt and pants quickly enough and he ended up spraying a good part of the bathroom. What was his reaction to this? He said, "Oh brudder. Oh brudder." I kinda feel the same way about blogging. I feel so hesitant for some reason to enter mainstream society and do all of these wierd modern things. Getting a cell phone was hard enough for me. I only consented because I was pregnant and my doctor is an hour away, and Brian said I needed to have one. The only part of modern communication that I really feel comfortable with is email because it's been around so long....

Anyway, I never thought I would be blogging. But Lila made a good point. It's an easy way for family to keep track of me. (Assuming they care to.) I feel bad about not writing in my journal more often, so maybe I can save this thing to a disk or something and have it forever. OOh, that would be splendid.

So what do you say in these things? I don't really have anything to say right now.


Kathy said...

Hey Anner, this is cool.Put more
pictures on. mom

The Harper Family said...

LOL! You are so funny Ann. So I guess what I said earlier can deffinately apply to this post. I should have read the whole thing first. Oh well. What's really going to be funny is if you get addicted to this thing. And look, your mom already left a comment too!
Hi Kathy! What cute grandkids you have. "I love the Oh Brudder!"
Ann, you should go to Crystal Miller's blog and read about her most recent potty talk experience with Elle; it is hilarious.

Asia said...

Your little Jane is so adorable! Great pics! I am so glad you joined the high tech world. We are thrilled to welcome you here; assuming you come in peace.

I like what you have written. Anytime I can talk potty talk is a good time for me!

Asia said...

P.S. you are actually more high tech than I. I still haven't figured out how to publish pictures on my blog. Check it out sometime, though I'm not a very consistent writer.