Monday, June 18, 2007

OK, so it's one day late, but let me tell you some of the wonderful things about my dad and my husband.

I love my dad because he took very seriously the responsibility of teaching me the gospel. I feel lucky to say that I did not learn the gospel from seminary or church leaders. I learned it from my parents. I remember my dad teaching us during FHE and relating experiences he had had while growing up. I still remember some of the stories he told because they have helped me to live the gospel more fully. I saw my parents reading the scriptures constantly. It seems like my dad fell asleep reading his scriptures (or a BYU sports magazine) nearly every night. My parents' example taught me that a person really can LOVE to read the scriptures.

I love my dad because he taught me the importance of having integrity.

I love my dad because he played with me and with my siblings when we were kids. He had races with us up and down the sidewalk, he rolled us up in blankets like burritos, he played sports with my brothers, he tickled us, he tried to eat us. He really enjoyed us.

I love my dad because I can't remember a time when he was in a bad mood. That's not to say that I (and my siblings) didn't ever fight with him or become furious with him or disagree with him, but in general, he was in a good mood.

I love my dad because he has never been the slightest bit materialistic and he taught me to be grateful.

I love my dad because I have always felt is love for me.


The Harper Family said...

That is so sweet! Very touching, I hope he reads that. You are very lucky...And about that integrity thing, it is funny that you just started blogging because this has been on my mind and I have been wanting to send you and Melissa Sundell an email about that very subject. You were both a huge example to me in high school. In some ways I think struggled with that and you were both so strong. I often think back and I admire you both so much and appreciate your good example and determination in doing what is right. Do you ever have contact with Melissa?

Ann said...

Thanks Leela, I really appreciate that compliment. Melissa was always my rock. She had courage that continues to inspire me. Yes, I still have contact her. She continues to be one of my very dearest friends. She is a social worker in Orem right now and is doing really well.