Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So according to Ames, I never told her that I was pregnant. I still think I did, but who knows? Anyway, here you go, Ames. This is me in all of my 6-month, no mascara beauty. At first I was going to make myself beautiful for all of you, but then this little voice inside of me said, "So, Ann--Why don't you put your money where your mouth is?" So here I am without make-up for all of the world to see. I seriously don't think any of you--excluding those that have lived with me--have ever seen me without mascara. So there you go. I've got no more secrets! I'm free! Well, I've got two secrets, but none of you will ever know them. I'm the least private person you know, but there are still things I just can't bear to tell. Anyway, I've also told many of you what happened to my left leg whenI was prego with Camp and has continued to darken and get worse ( I think) with every pregnancy. I've got some serious vericose veins going on--so bad, in fact, that I have had more than a couple people ask me what happened to my leg. Bummer. I was so excited to never get stretch marks on my belly, but i'm not sure which is worse--swollen old lady legs that everyone sees or a stretched tummy that only Brian sees (when he's lucky). I'm not sure. Maybe I'll start wearing halter tops to divert attention from my legs. We'll see.

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Ames said...

Nope Annie, you didn't. I would NEVER forget something as important as that! But congrats.....I'm so excited for you!