Monday, June 18, 2007

This one's for you, Babe.

I love Brian because he has a genuine desire to make me happy. He is the kind of husband that serioulsy wants me to have whatever it is that I want. He NEVER gets mad at me for spending money. (Lucky for him, there are no stores to shop at here in Florence, and I'm pretty controlled in my spending anyway. ) He's the kind of husband that will take me shopping for my birthday, and he never gets impatient. He's the kind of husband who opens my car door when we go on dates and he opens all other doors for me all of the time. He's the kind of husband who will drop me off at the church doors because it is raining and he knows I'll be ticked to have my hair rained on. (I do wonder, though, if this service is a reflection of the fact that he is so overjoyed at my having actually done my hair.) He's the kind of husband who hates it when I take out the garbage or clean my own car because he feels like that should be his job. He's the kind of husband who is always willing to stay home with the kids so that I can enjoy a girs' night, or book club or whatever.

I love Brian because he is what every Eagle scout should be. He is constantly happy to serve others and is constantly doing so. His service can get so out of control that I have seriously had day dreams about standing at the pulpit and announcing that from that point on, Brian will only be available for service on the days that I approve. Brian is always prepared for every situation. He has a tool kit, a rope, a first aid kid, etc. just about everywhere he goes and he uses them often--usually to help other people. He can whip up some kind of lever to get us into our car when we have locked the keys inside, he can sew buttons on a shirt, he can tie a different knot for whatever situation you can think of, he can serioulsy do anything. He is super strong and he is curteous (sp?), kind, brave, and all of those other qualities listed in the scout motto--well, maybe he's still got some work in the thrifty and reverent departments... But man, he is amazing.

I love Brian because he is the kind of dad that our kids absolutely worship. Like my dad, he plays with our kids and genuinely loves to be with them. They both squeal and rush to greet him every time he walks in the door. He has been taking Camp to Fathers and Sons outings since Camp was a baby. He lets the kids work along side him.

I love Brian because he is a super hard worker. He loves to work and he works quickly. He has no sympathy for people who are unmotivated, bored, or sit around for long periods of time watching TV or playing video games. He always has a project going.

I love Brian because he is smart. I went into our marriage thinking that I was the smarter partner because I had always gotten better grades than he and I graduated from college. However, I've come to recognize that not only does he kick my trash at Jeopardy, but he has common sense that I can never even hope for. And he has a higher IQ than I have.

I love Brian because he does so well at protecting and providing for our family.

I love Brian because he has a powerful testimony of the gospel and of the atonement, and he has no fear of sharing the gospel with others.

I know...his greatness is intimidating. I have a hard time contributing anything to our marriage. The only thing that saves me is that I recognize his greatness, I keep a pretty clean house, and I make a mean lasagna.


Nikki said...

Well, Ann... that was quite a tribute, and I can attest to most of those things you said about Brian. I have known him for a long time, and he has been an example to me of kindness and giving. He has a big heart, and I know he is a good husband and father to you and your family. I love you both.

The Harper Family said...

What a lucky gal you are! I mean that genuinly because my husband is almost the polar opposite. Don't get me wrong though, Travis has his good points too he just isn't the handy mand and could care less about my hair and always complains about what I spend and what I spend it on. I have to vounteer my husband for service just to get him out of the house (LOL). The only thing that motivates to get up is golf and if he isn't watching sports he's playing them. We plan family vacations around the playoffs and can't visit places that don't have cable TV.
But I know how lucky Brian is too. You two make a great couple...

Nicole Cave said...

Honestly alot of things you described remind me of Ashton. Particularly, the service part...I can totally relate to that...he has a hard time telling anyone no. The one thing that wasn't the same was the I.Q part. Ashton and I are both pretty average people. I can't believe Brian could be smarter than you...I always looked at you like you were one of the most intelligent at school. And we don't really play jeopardy...we like it, but we love scrabble!! I am glad you appreciate all those good qualities in your husband. Just as I do mine!

Crystal said...

Hey Ann,

It's Ryan. Thanks for droppin a line on Crystal's blog. I'm glad to hear Brian is "the man." I don't beleive for a second, however, that Brian is smarter than you! And as for "chocolate," there is no code going on there. That would be sacrilige in our house to say chocolate means anything other than what it is. We could use a code word for that other thing you were talking about though...

P.S. Where is Florence?

Ann said...


No, I'm serious about Brian. I'm convinced that he became brilliant on his mission.

Anyway, Florence is smack dab in the middle of the Oregon Coast. We can even hear the ocean from our house. It's pretty cool.