Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm losing my mind!

I don't have anything specific to talk about today, so I'll just give you a little bit of everything. So I'm pregnant, right? Well, you know how your mind doesn't work as well when you're pregnant? You know--you put the garbage bags in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard, and you lose your keys or whatever. Well, all that is very true of me when I am pregnant, and it has been kinda scary in the past, but now my pregnant insanity has reached a new level. On Sunday (EVENING, mind you) Brian was getting kinda frisky and he made some kind of remark about my saggy boobs. Just as I was about to retaliate, I came to a very frightening reality. I WAS NOT WEARING A BRA! No, it wouldn't have been half bad if I had just been at home all day, but I had gone to church like that! Isn't that something we all just dream about? Oh, for the love. Come on, Ann. Pull it together. I asked Brian why he hadn't said anything earlier, and he said that he had noticed before church, but that he assumed I just hadn't finished getting ready. NO, I HADN'T FINISHED AND THAT WAS THE PROBLEM! Anyway, as Brian and I were laughing about it, Brian compared my chest to eggplants. Isn't that a funny image? A perfect comparison! I couldn't even be mad because I was laughing so hard and I know Brian thinks I'm hot. (See, it's all about convincing him...) Anywho, eggplants actually paint a very flattering picture of me. Before I was pregnant, it would have been more like peanuts--with the shells still on...Anyway...sorry for the dirty talk.

What else....Oh ya. The other day, Brian gave Jane a dark chocolate hershey kiss, and while she was eating it, she coughed or something and the chocolate ended up going down her throat and up to her nose tubes (or however that works). So literally, for the rest of the day, Jane's nose was running chocolate boogers. Does this justify eating boogers? Eat your heart out Willy Wonka!

And maybe I'm nesting. I'm back to painting my house. It's pretty much a rainbow by now--which isn't necessarily very good decorating, considering the fact that I'm not sure my colors flow very harmoniously. But I love the colors. Especially red. I love red. I ended up painting the main wall of my front room a raspberry red type color, and my kitchen a green color (called winter silence--oh, brother). Anyway, what do you think?


Talltiffany said...

Seriously, thank you for the update. For one, I had no idea that you even moved. I have been gone a year! And you are pregnant?!?! Congrats! That is awesome! Love your place, and the colors are so fun. And the bra story was a riot...I have totally had that dream! How funny!

The Harper Family said...

The color in the kitchen is beautiful. Very... calm and inviting. You have a beautiful home. And I would agree that you must be nesting because who in their right mind would paint with two kids around and how many months prego? I loved the eggplant story. I am really bad like that anyway but pregnancy multiplys those incidences exponentialy.

Nicole Cave said...

The booger story makes me want to throw up, but the bra that is one that you should share in church. Perhaps under a talk about The Joys of Motherhood!?