Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Today I ate:
* Another bowl of wheaties
* A good-size bowl of homemade soup
* 2 1/2 little casadillas (on corn tortillas)
* 1/2 piece of leftover chicken breast
*one plate of lasagna/spaghetti (it was an experiment) and salad
* two pieces of whole-wheat toast and butter
* nothing off the floor

Doesn't that seem like a lot? It does to me, but I was seriously using self restraint all day. I would love to enjoy another blizzard right about now, but I'll be good. Brian and I are celebrating our 9th anniversary this weekend, and I'll definitely be having some treats again then.

Oh, and how did the Charlie Brown Project go for everyone?! I've already decided to make it a yearly tradition, because it is seriously so rewarding to feel like you've brought a little bit more light into someone's life. I hope it was a neat experience for any of you who decided to jump on board.

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Heather said...

I did Charlie Brown with activity day girls. It was for a family who doesn't have a great job right now and 5 little kids. Heart attacked their door and took them cookies secretly.=) It was super fun.