Monday, February 15, 2010

Social pressure

You know how I was pregnant recently? Well, during that time, I gained about six pounds, and unfortunately, those six pounds did not go back up to heaven with my baby. And I know six pounds isn't such a big deal, but it's still six pounds, and I'm sure you all agree that you can feel (and see, for that matter) the difference six pounds make. And you know how when you're trying to lose weight they always tell you to start by writing down EVERYthing you eat? Well, I'm finally going to take that advice. But not only am I going to document every little thing that goes into my mouth--I'm also going to tell you. And I know it's horrible to care about what other people think, but seriously--I really think that having to tell you everything I eat will make me think twice about it. It already has. I definitely would have eaten at least a few starbursts and a couple more oreo cookies if I hadn't been thinking about having to later include them on my list. Big breath. So here goes.
Today I ate:
* One bowl of Wheaties with 1% milk--not the ridiculous "suggested serving size", but reasonable none the less
* One handful of cashews
* One wrap including a high fiber, low carb tortilla; lots of spinach; red onions; grilled chicken; and a little spaghetti sauce........OK, and some cheese (a little feta, a little mozzerella, and a little grated parmesan :))
* The crust from Danin's PB&J sandwich and a bite or two of her ramen
* A couple of wheat thins and a jelly bean that I found on the floor while I was cleaning
*Two tacos--one bigger one in another high fiber, low carb tortilla, and a smaller one in two corn tortillas. No sour cream.
* A homemade oreo blizzard with a small handful of mini oreos, low-fat vanilla icecream and a teeny bit of 1% milk. Family night is no fun without treats.
* One regular oreo
And a partridge in a pear tree.


Tara said...

Your posts always crack me up. You're still a skinny chick, don't sweat it!

Heather said...

Well, if I could look as great as you do, then I would be happy with the six pounds.=) Saw your mom at Sarah's reception and she said you had a miscarriage. I'm sorry!!! Hope you are feeling okay. And enjoy those oreos.=)

Heather and Billy said...

Go Ann.
Well I had already gained 10-15 lbs before I miscarried in October. Like you, mine did not go back to heaven with baby as well. I'm sad to say that was one of the hardest things for me...because I WAS finally getting somewhere before that happened...AND now I'm at my highest weight EVER. And I just can't seem to get rid of it since. So kudos and props to you. I am trying. I really am. I did that whole be accountable to everyone else thing for a while as well. It lasted...umm...maybe a week. ;P

Rob and Marseille said...

dont finish the kids food! dont eat food off the floor! (but always eat fhe treats!) ;)