Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just one piece of taffy

Wow. This food documenting thing really makes for lame posts. And guess what? I can't find the paper on which I wrote all the things I ate today. No, I'm serious. There is no sign of it in the junk drawer where I put it after dinner. So I'm just going to have to do my best to remember.

* The leftovers of Jane's frosted mini-wheats
* The leftovers of Danin's frosted mini-wheats
* One Nutri-grain cereal bar
* Two handfuls of cashews--Yikes! (Atleast they're the good kind of fats)
* Did I have some peaches?....Yeah, I think so.
* One burrito (leftovers from dinner on Monday)
* One piece of saltwater taffy
* A couple bites of Danin's leftover casadilla
* A small portion of broccoli and cheese rice-a-roni rice
* A plate of leftover spaghetti stuff
* A couple more bites of cereal (the kids got lucky and had cereal for dinner.)
I think that's it.

But I'm still hungry.

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Audge said...

My food documentation for one day would look something like this:

3 bowls of cereal
lots of candy
some ice cream
some more ice cream
another bowl of cereal
some Wendy's
some Taco Bell
more candy
a blizzard

Alright JUST KIDDING....but still, I would be ashamed to put what I eat in one day