Thursday, February 18, 2010

* One big(ish) bowl of wheaties
* Two handfuls of chashews
* One small piece of chicken
* half of an apple
* two crackers with a little bit of low-fat cream cheese
* the equivalent of two PB&J sandwiches (mine and the leftovers of Jane and Danin)
* one plate of spaghetti leftovers (again)
* one piece of toast
* a bite of cereal

Oh, and I drink water. Pretty much just water.

Yeah, this has GOT to help me lose weight. I find myself always being a little bit hungry. I really feel like if I can just program myself to stop eating before I feel stuffed, I'll lost weight because I'll be eating less. I don't know. We'll see.

Oh, and yesterday at the gym I got a better workout than usual (and certainly better than I was planning on), because I just happened to pick the worst part of the gym in which to work out--right next to a personal trainer. Apparently, he couldn't bear to witness such a pathetic work-out, so he took it upon himself to advise me on how to beef it up a bit. Really, though, it was good for me. I mean, people who have more money than me pay for that kind of service. And my arms have been sore today and that's always a good sign. But anyway...

You now what word seriously drives me crazy? Wriggle. Really? Wiggle isn't good enough? And you want to know what wriggle means? It means wiggle. Why in the heck do we have two words that mean exactly the same thing and are spelled almost identically--except for that annoying little 'r.' I know it sounds weird, but it is seriously difficult for me to even say it when I come across it while reading. It's almost like it makes my mouth uncomfortable or something--it's hard to explain...
I better go to bed.


charley said...

Another synonym for wriggle is Riggs, as in Riggs Collette (it's his nickname)...invented by the grand-master of nicknames...Chalz Mitchell.

Laura Hendricks said...

dude if you despise annoying little "r"s that people decide to bust into words, never move to the south. "let's git them hairs waRshed". say wha?

Emily said...

Ann, I love your bedroom, its beautiful and peaceful. Ha ha, looking at your food lists reminds me of our dads and how they go and eat a soggy bowl of cereal, and I realize, we've become them! On a facebook comment I recently said, how I was so bummed that my fruits for the day were always soggy unfinished apples! :) I had a crazy pregnancy dream about you the other night, your baby had a snotty nose so you took him out and then de-snotted so he could breathe well. You were afraid to put him back in, but I helped you and he popped right in...good to go. :) So silly and t.m.i., right? Well, Ann I do hope you don't let yourself be hungry though, satisfied can still help you loose weight! Good luck with the re cooperating, and the recreating!
Love ya, Em

Audrey said...

Or the worst one yet...sherbeRt. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.